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My wife (and I) LOVES this recipe. She tells me this is the BEST ceasar salad she's ever had, and makes sure I make it every few weeks. It is a bit garlicky, however, but it suits us just fine. I added a little more fresh lemon juice. If you're an anchovie lover, make sure you save a few filets to garnish the salad. Much tahnks to Terri F. for posting this one!

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Terry Carter November 17, 2002

I am now spoiled. Any other caesar salad I ever have will only pale in comparison to this one. Thanks for the recipe.

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Mark P July 28, 2002

This was wonderful. Very garlicy just like I like it. I was a little scared of using the eggs so I only used one egg. I will be brave enough to use two eggs the next time. I used the blender to blend all of the dressing ingredients. I added a little cajun spice to the croutons and I also added blackened chicken strips to the salad. My kids and husband gave this salad a "thumbs up". It's very rare that I make something that pleases the entire family. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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beckas February 02, 2003

This was absolutely divine! The only changes I made were to add a little dried basil to the crouton goo before tossing the bread (goo is a technical term, of course), and I substituted a few tablespoons of mayo for the egg since I was preparing this on the road and wasn't keen on trying to hold undercooked egg in questionable refrigeration. I did also double the amount of anchovy and worcestershire, but that's just because I wanted to use both things up and prefer a stronger flavor. The dressing clung to the greens beautifully and the flavor was really and truly scrumptious. It's recipes like this that make eating one's greens so much less of a chore. ;)

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Avarah July 08, 2003

This made a very delicious salad dressing. I used my food processor to mince the garlic. I thought I had anchovies, but it turns out I didn't. It was great anyway, but next time I will make sure to add them for that extra flavour. Thanks!

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Miraklegirl April 07, 2003

This is a very good ceasar base and I will definitely make it again. We found it to be a bit oily so next time I will reduce the oil a bit. After tasting the finished dressing we added a bit more worcestershire (I can NEVER spell that!), some tabasco and a very small amount of dijon mustard to give it a little more kick. Thanks for the great recipe!

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Kim in Walnut Creek November 12, 2003
Traditional Caesar Salad