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Wow , these are amazing! They did not raise as much as I had hoped but still wonderful. I had to convert the measurements, it took me a long time so let me help someone else out! 1/2 c milk or 3 7/8 oz, 1/8 c water or 1 1/8 oz, 2 1/3 c flour + 1 tsp, 7/8 oz butter, 1 tsp yeast, 6 1/8 oz butter. I made half of them into regular croissants and filled the other half with a cream cheese and sugar mix with homemade strawberry jam. Next time I will try the cream cheese mix and choc chips. I took them to work and everyone has made special requests for our Monday meetings, thanks for the pics they really help!

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Rollin in the Dough! October 03, 2009

These are amazing and incredible easy (when following the pics). For those converting to US units, I found that using 1 TBS of yeast worked well, and they turned out amazingly fluffy. I make these randomly for friends and neighbors and everyone is surprised they didn't come from a bakery. I lived in France for awhile and these bring me right back. Great to dunk into a fresh cup of coffee!

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taraleigh25 August 13, 2009

I would give it 10 stars if I COULD!!! This is HANDS downnn THEE BEST thing Ive EVER made in my LIFE!!! Follow the Directions carefully and you will have PERFECTION!! The pictures are an immense help or I wouldve been lost. I made mine with Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserve with a piece of Dark Lindt chocolate inside. I wish Id quadrupled the recipe...it doesnt make many, and this is definitely a recipe to have ON HAND to impress friends and family!

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healinghands111 October 01, 2011

i had always been too scared of making croissants because they are apparently so hard to make - but i gave this a go by hand and they turned out very very good and not as hard as id thought! beautifully puffy and crispy; bit smaller and slightly less sugar and salt than the ones im used to, but that`s just a matter of preference:) next time ill try to baste the pastry pedantically including the exposed edges, which fanned out during baking (there were differences in the final feuilled 'look' according to whether they had egg on or not - even just a little missed bit was obvious :) also found it`s handy to keep an eye on them the last 5 minutes as they brown really quickly once they get going. the fridge time in between rolling - i wasnt sure so i left them in for about 15 minutes, then 30 mins after the 3rd rolling...is that about right? anyway they went well - my family and i loved them; you made it easy to follow; thank you!

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lightawake April 22, 2010

So. Very. Good. My whole kitchen smells like croissant, and I'm quite sad I froze the rest of them - the first three were so delicious! I tried letting the dough rest for a few minutes when it wouldn't stretch any further, and that really helped. My only problem was with the rolling up, somehow I either got super thick cylinders or very long thready ones. Fortunately this doesn't affect the taste at all, so I am just calling their shape my seal of authenticity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Yinna February 12, 2010

It was a dark and stormy day...perfect day to make croissants! My 4 year old daughter and I made these. They are extremely easy, I weighed most of the ingredients so the metric conversion wasn't a problem for me. The tutorial was great. I made croissants once before and it ended up a big headache. These are delicious. We made six regular and six chocolate. Froze three regular and three chocolate. These were a real treat for the hubby when he got home. Fresh out of the oven. Thanks, French Tart, another great recipe of yours!!

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Picante January 21, 2010

I could eat these every morning! I took Rollin's advice and tried with the cream cheese and jam, ohhh sooo gooood!

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Cowgyrl Cook November 21, 2009

Fantastic! And not that hard to do! The steps are easy, you just have to do them over and over with chilling time in between. Next time I'm going to pay more attention to the size of my rolled-out dough, especially at the final stage before cutting because my croissants were on the small side (but mighty delicious!) Also, I think I'd grease the cookie sheet before freezing them because I lost the bottom layer when trying to pry the frozen croissants off... Definitely a recipe that will impress! Merci French Tart!

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Wish I Could Cook May 31, 2009

Very easy and with the photos, foolproof! I followed the recipe, and made some plain, filled some with semi-sweet chocolate and others with salami and provalone. I also used a hand mixer with bread hook attachment to mix it al together. Thank you very much French Tart!

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HawaiiChef79 March 12, 2009

SUBLIME! I must admit out of all the croissant recipes, I chose this one because you were French, (surly the French know their croissants.) You were right, these WERE better than anything I could buy at the bakery. The texture was just like shop bought with an amazing taste. They were easy to make too (I also used the bread maker). Thanks for posting this fabulous recipe, I may never be allowed to serve shop bought ones again.

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cake queen downunder February 27, 2009
Traditional Buttery French Croissants for Lazy Bistro Breakfasts