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Boy, I'm good at bloopers but it usually is a testament to the quality of the recipe. Thumbs up to bone man on this one. I only had 45 ounces of beans, but I didn't notice until I'd made it. I wanted to put it in the crock pot so I precooked the bacon and tossed it in. I went to add ketchup and well it looks a lot like my heinz bottle so it got a couple dashes of heinz 57 before I realized what I'd done. Not willing to give up, I added the ketchup to make a total of.. about 3/4 a cup because now I'd lost count. I forgot the onion. At the last minute I tossed in onion powder um well I thought it was onion powder then smelled garlic powder as it was sprinkling out. Crud I thought! So I made sure I had onion powder this time and tossed it in. Laughing to myself at this point, to tears actually and my sides hurt. I cooked it on low for 4 hours.. guess what? It was YUMMY!! Thanks for the recipe - blooper queen ;)

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ColoradoCookin' June 27, 2007

You weren't kidding that these are the best beans you have ever tasted! Man they are good and so easy to prepare. I cut the recipe back to 1 14oz can of beans. Bakes at 400 for 30 minutes covered and 35 minutes uncovered - served for brunch Thanks Bone Man - It's Appalachian beans for me from now on!

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Bergy March 11, 2007
Traditional Appalachian Baked Beans