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Nice! A friend recently visited me from Algeria and made this; it was good but I like your version a little better (because anything that gives me the excuse to use ras el-hanout is good in my book!). One thing I wonder about: the "long turnips." Are they what they call "luft" in Algerian Arabic? Before my friend came, he asked if we had "luft" in Turkey. What he described sounded like a turnip or even a parsnip, but when I didn't really understand, he decided to bring it himself, and what he brought was long white radishes! I'd never had radishes cooked, but it was very nice. So now I make this dish with that, or even daikon radishes sliced longways into 4ths and then cut in half.

He brought a lot of ready-made rechta and I put the rest in the freezer, but I do have a pasta machine and can't wait to try making the rechta by hand! (It must have been an incredible amount of work before pasta machines...)

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bobinthebul November 08, 2011
Traditional Algerian Rechta (Noodles) - Family Recipe!