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This recipe is as good as my friend's mom's recipe and my kids love it! Since we move a lot, this is a great recipe for finishing up vinegars in my cupboard. I have used a variety of different vinegars and all have worked fine. A combination of red wine and rice vinegar gives it a more subtle flavor. Apple cider vinegar gives it a fresher flavor and white vinegar gives it the traditional tart taste. You may have to adjust the amount of sugar to compensate. I use raw sugar instead since the slightly molasses flavor compliments the soy sauce. Low-sodium soy sauce also keeps it from getting too salty. I double the sauce ingredients because my family loves the gravy over rice but I thicken it slightly with a cornstarch+water mixture after browning the meat. And, for speed and ease, I use country ribs and increase cooking time until tender.

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Mama D4 January 30, 2010

It was FABULOUS! I have made it repeatedly since my husband has a coworker who brings in authentic adobo and he loves it. I totally changed this one up seeing as how we are trying to lose weight though: I use chicken breasts or pork chops cut into pieces, Splenda instead of sugar, add onion and no cooking oil. I brown the meat, onion and garlic. Then I combine the remaining ingredients with 1/2 c. extra water and 1 c. instant brown rice, and simmer for a good 10-15 minutes. The rice soaks up the gravy and is SOOO flavorful. I serve with steamed broccoli. DEFINATELY A FAVORITE! Thanks for posting!

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wilksterette August 08, 2008

Very good. Next time I will thicken the sauce with some corn starch just before serving though.

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sugar momma February 10, 2010

I have never had authentic adobo so I don't have anything to compare this to however it was very good. I didn't use pork (because I rarely eat it) belive it or not I used 3 turkey legs. Once I deboned those legs a person wouldn't have even realized they were eating turkey. I decided not to thicken my juice and just let it be a natural gravy. I'm happy, I have a new way to make turkey legs.

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brandidt July 14, 2008

The meat was great, but I preferred the leftovers. The difference was that I decided to add some corn starch to the sauce, and made a gavy out of it that stuck to the meat more.

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Doku November 18, 2003

This is good eats. I can see why the pork were braised initially and seared after (reverse searing to achieve maillard reaction and ). It's a quicker way to flavor the meat if you did not have time to marinate it before hand. But this uses quite a bit of pots and pans and a little messy (since you have to pat the pork dry, and you can't sear it if it's wet). Next time, I would sear the pork first (just like you would with beef bourguignon), add the cooking liquid, then bring to a boil (always), then simmer and reduce the liquid (a lot, no need for corn starch to thicken it). I did add some sweet onions (reminiscent of Bo Luc Lac) and sautéed mushrooms at the very end. And instead of using water, I substituted beef stock. This is just my humble opinion and taste is subjective anyway.

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gnebvsky March 02, 2015

We had .85 lbs of pork loin on hand so I used that. Based on a few of the reviews I read I decided to use the full amount of marinade/liquid and used Apple Cider vinegar. I poured the cubed pork and broth over plain brown basmati rice before serving. It was a hit! Thanks. We'll definitely make it again and might try other vinegar flavors.

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Buschways April 14, 2014

My father finds the above recipe kinda sweet, so I changed the white sugar to brown sugar, add a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce (Mama Sita's Barbecue Marinade Sauce will also do the trick =), and season with more pepper and a tablespoon of chili flakes for a kick of good spicy sensation. I also doubled the sauce for almost a kilo of chicken because we love saucy adobo!

Adobo just keeps geeting more good when reheated!
Thanks for this great recipe guide!

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MaVernaRica January 09, 2011

Really enjoyed this recipe, it was easy, delicious and a great way to use up some of the pork I had in the freezer. I am looking forward to the leftovers today!

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Alaska Katie January 09, 2011
TRADITIONAL ADOBO (Pork in Vinegar and Soy Sauce)