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French Tart, this is indeed a very delicious chicken recipe. I must tell you though, that I did make one major change and that was I cooked this in my crock pot (done out of necessity). I know this definitely altered the taste of the recipe and I can't wait to make it again as directed but I must tell you that the family all gave it 5 stars anyway. Since we can not get creme fraiche in any of our little markets here in the deep woods, I blended the little bit of sour cream I had left with an ounce of cream cheese and a pinch of cream to get a smooth consistency that blended well with the lemon juice and chicken broth. It made a very tasty Sunday meal. Thank you for posting this delicious recipe. Made and reviewed for the 39th AUS/NZ Recipe Swap. P.S. I must add that DS said "This is a 200 star recipe! The little leaves are extra tasty!!" referring to the fresh tarragon sprinkled on top of the plated chicken.

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Chef Buggsy Mate April 18, 2010

Wonderful FT! You did not say which nut oil to use so I used walnut oil. The fresh tarragon was nice, but next time I will use dry for the cooking part and fresh for the garnish. I made this for my lunch yesterday and enjoyed it greatly. As you know I am a great fan of cheese so I also garnished with a small amount of Crotonese cheese from Italy. Thanks for posting this wonderful and simple recipe!

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Chef Shadows July 03, 2009

So fast, so easy and so delicious. (And I don't even like chicken!) Made it just as directed and will be making many more times. Thank you! Update: This recipe is also fantastic for larger dinners. We had 6 additional people staying with us and it was the perfect dinner to make for everyone after a busy day. It's so elegant and everyone loved it. I used sour cream that night instead of creme fraiche to save money and served it with rice. Thanks again!

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christinaleans July 06, 2010

Editing my review to add 5 wonderful stars (I can't believe I forgot that when I did my review). I can't believe I've left this review until now...you must try this if you're a fan of chicken and tarragon. We've made this at least 4 times since August, for ourselves, and proudly for company. We followed the recipe exactly, using walnut oil, creme fraiche (instead of sour cream, which I don't think would provide that extra "oomph" the creme fraiche provides), and a good amount of tarragon. The flavor is complex, very french (tarragon to me brings a french mien to any recipe its in), and very delicious. The cooking time and direction are perfect, and the flavor is truly memorable; it reminds me of some of the dishes we had at bistros in Paris when we were there at the end of the summer. We'll be enjoying this dish all year round - merci beaucoup, French Tart!

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Lizzie-Babette October 23, 2009

This was a super simple and totally yummy meal.. I absolutely love tarragon and knew I wanted to try this one as soon as I read it. It did not disappoint I doubled the recipe for myself and my son and we loved it. I served ours with a green leafy salad and some crusty bread for a delicious meal. Thanks FT for another really great dish full of flavour and a great one to keep on hand, for a super quick and easy after work fast meal. :)

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The Flying Chef September 27, 2009

Husband and I loved this, but kids wouldn't eat it. HOWEVER, I heated the leftover with sauteed carrots, onions and corn with about a Tbsp. of dried parsley. I placed a pie crust on top like chicken pot pie and baked it at 375 for about 1/2 hour. It was FANTASTIC and the kids ate the entire casserole. Thank you for this recipe, it is my new method for preparing pot pie!

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kathishrider September 20, 2009

Fast, easy & delectable :) I used dried tarragon as this is all I had. I used Rice Bran Oil in place of the nut oil. Both worked well. As this was for our main meal I served with brown rice and a salad of baby leaf greens topped with a diced tomato. Into my "keepers" file this goes and I am sure I will make it often when I want someting fast. Made for Aus/NZ swap July 2009 :)

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Jen T July 08, 2009

Gloriously good. I do use chicken thighs, though, as they have more taste and are less dry than breast.

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MevrouwVanderA August 24, 2011

This is so good. Loved the fresh tarragon. Served with French Onion Pie and madeleines for dessert.

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adopt a greyhound October 07, 2010
Très Rapide French Summer Tarragon Chicken