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Fun idea!! I used white Ghirardelli chocolate chips and big salted pretzel rods. Had fun with Valentine's decorations but this could be done for every holiday, I love it!! Love the flavor of sweet and salty together and with a crunch!! White chocolate is pretty testy sometimes when melting and it seized on me, I think because of the big chunks of salt from the pretzels or I might have gotten some steam in it from keeping the heat on while dipping and decorating....If this happens to you, just add about a teaspoon of tasteless oil like canola and it should smooth back out for you and melt down again. I used a box with "X" holes cut into it to harden my chocolate in the fridge. It worked out great!! Thanks for posting a great and easy idea to make fun treats for any holiday!!!!

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Chef*Lee February 12, 2009

Great! Made these with my teen daughter for the holidays - they were easy and fun to make.

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rhodygardener December 24, 2009

I just finish making these, I just used regular pretzels and only dipped them half way. As a result, I had some melted chocolate left-over. Rest assured it did not go to waste, because I had just finished cutting up a pineapple and proceeded to dip it into the chocolate and enjoyed, until the chocolate seized up lol. Wonderful Simple recipe! I will make this again.

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Mintbear82 July 03, 2009

I made these at a friend's house over the holidays, and I was surprised at how easy and delicious they were! She makes them every year and gives them away as gifts. However, you have to make a lot extra or you won't have enough to eat yourself while you make them.

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AmyZoe February 12, 2009
Totally Random Chocolate Dipped Pretzels