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This chicken really rocks. It was the name that prompted me to check out the recipe, but it's the way it tasted that's going to have me making this again and again. I was a little wary of the salt content (1 serving has 395% of the USRDA!) so I cut back on the salt, added some garlic and ground ginger instead. We're also not beer drinkers, I can't take the smell of it myself, so I used half a can of Coke instead. The chicken was delicious, the kids were fighting over the skin, and this recipe makes you wish a chicken had more than 2 legs as well. The skin came out crispy, the meat was moist, and there was nothing left for the poor dog!

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Mirj February 24, 2002

I must admit I was a bit skeptical about the amounts in the ingredients, but decided to give it a go. The worse that could happen is that I would not like it, but I could always remove the skin. Well, my husband (not knowing how recipes are rated) said, "Honey, you get 5 stars with this meal". It was delicious!!! But, I can't imagine using all the seasoning for a 2-2 1/2 lb chicken. I made a 5 1/2 lb chicken and was "extremely" generous with the seasoning (used it all). I found it difficult to remove the can before serving so I served it intact. I served it with Sweet Onions (a recipe that I just posted here today) and roasted asparagus (with garlic, red, yellow and green peppers) which I am about to post. UPDATE: Made this for the second time. I cut the rub recipe in half and still didn't use it all. Had plenty left over. The top of the chicken and the wings were burnt black (both times). Really to burnt to eat. The next time I make this recipe I will definately cover them with chef's foil once they have browned. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen. I have a convection oven & cooking temperatures are always lower by, at least, 25 degrees.

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dojemi May 07, 2002

This was SO good. Tasty, juicy, terrific. I made half the rub and still had half left over, and I WAS generous. I can't see why you couldn't massage this into wings, and bake them on a rack over a baking dish of beer in the oven or BBQ for yummy finger food. A bit hard to extract the hot beer can but well worth it!

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JustJanS March 24, 2002

I have been wanting to try this for a long time. Made this for the Zaar Cookathon/4th of July cookout. Oh Yeah!! Outstanding. The meat was sooooo incredibly moist and tender. I made 4 of these because I was cooking for a large crowd. I doubled the rub amount and had more than enough. The rub gave a wonderful flavor. Left the beer cans in place because like others, I had a hard time removing them. Thanks for a great recipe.

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ratherbeswimmin' July 07, 2002

Excellent recipe and rub, then a treat to see a chef prepare your "tortured chicken" on the Today Show, 5/25/02. Among other variations, like using coke or lemonade, he displayed Beijing Chicken, Root Beer Game Hens, Duckling À L’ORANGE and Beer Can Turkey. Get all the recipes from the website at: http://www.msnbc.com/news/757006.asp Enjoy - I certainly did!

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ninja May 27, 2002

this is a very good recipe and i will definitely make this recipe again. next time i will cut back on the salt because even though i am a salt fanatic this was too salty for me. i also suggest that you use a foil-lined pan because it gets very messy. i was very generous with the rub on my 2 1/2 pound chicken and had enough rub left over for probably 3 more chickens. i do recommend loosely tenting the top of the chicken with foil because it can get quite dark. thank you for sharing the recipe.

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taylortwo February 06, 2003

The chicken was very juicy, I will make it again. My chicken was about 5 pounds and I felt that the rub was way too salty for me. I will reduce the salt next time and use about half of the rub.

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Mysterygirl May 14, 2002

I've wanted to make this for awhile because I love the name, had lots of the rub left and I too was generous with it. We all liked the 'barbecued' flavour and the chicken was very tender. Took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to cook through.

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Evie* April 22, 2002

I did this recently on a gas BBQ (light only one side, and cook the chicken on the UNlit side). I also threw some of the rub into the half can of beer. What's good about this recipe is that you can change the rub for a whole nother flavor, perhaps Indian spices, for example. When I did mine I also put some mesquite chips that I'd soaked in water for a while in a foil packet, poked some holes in it, put it right on the briquettes, and closed the BBQ for an hour. The most terrific thing about this recipe is how moist the chicken turns out.

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Suzie22 August 05, 2002

My family had as much fun watching these chickens cook as they did eating it. My oven has a window and light. I put them in the oven when no one was around and the kitchen light was off. My husband, a photographer, found them iiluminated in the kitchen oven and started photographing them. He developed the pictures before everyone arrived and we all got a kick out of how the chickens looked in the oven (I made 2). Well they tasted as great as they looked and the consensus was that they were finger licking good. My family doesn't usually like the skin on the chicken, but this was too good to pass up. I did encounter one problem and that was that one chicken fell over halfway through and it wasn't so easy to get him upright again.

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Caryn Gale December 24, 2002
Tortured Chicken - Beer Can