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There was a minor mishap in my kitchen when I made this dish, so I left the tofu on to boil too long, and therefore I think too much of the liquid boiled off because when I went to put in the cornstarch it was much too thick. Well I managed to salvage it, and even with all my mistakes it turned out to be one tasty recipe, so why wait until I make it again to review?! Thanks Nose, by BF also thought it was fantastic! Note I used pickled fresh ginger as a garnish because I didn't think unpickled fresh ginger would taste very good and used vegetable broth instead of dashi. P.S. Although I used silken tofu, I was confused as to why the other types needed to be pressed.

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Kumquat the Cat's friend August 22, 2005

Oooh! This is silky, savory, almost creamy tasting comfort food, Japanese-style. We used dashi from a mix and didn't find that we needed to add any salt. We added some thinly sliced strips of carrots and onion to make this more of a one-dish meal. Wonderful balance of flavors and just... oooh, so good. We served over medium-grain brown rice and it made a wonderful meal. One of the best things we've ever made with tofu. Thanks, Snowy. ;) A keeper.

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Roosie May 14, 2005
Tortoiseshell Tofu