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I was in the mood to play & these babies were a heckuva lot of fun to make! My STARS had a strange look tho, but it was likely due to the ROUND cookie cutters I used! I revisited ZWT mode & made a Tex-Mex version w/taco seasoning & the US east coast version using Old Bay Seasoning. Then I hopped a plane to Europe & made the Czech version using caraway seeds & ended my journey in Italy w/2 versions starring garlic & mixed Italian herbs. I took a little nap & awoke at home again, so I made the Icelandic sweet tooth version. I ditched the cheese & used sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg! Travel can be so exhausting & it was good to be home again. Thx for a fun day!

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twissis January 11, 2007

Absolutely the best tortilla chips I have ever made and I think it is because the egg white wash adds a nice crispness. Followed as written except I just cut into wedges and then baked them (lazy me). I sprinkled some with garlic salt and chili powder and the next batch with celery salt and onion powder. Love them both ways. I am chucking my old recipe for homemade tortilla chips because this far exceeds the old recipe. Made for the P-A-R-T-Y event 2009. Thx cookiedog!

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mums the word December 29, 2009

YUMMY is the word! Of this recipe, have you NOT heard? Like last reviewer, love the versatility! I topped mine with seeds of sesame! THANKS!

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mickeydownunder June 27, 2009

Made these today to serve with beefy refried bean souP(here on zaar) I used garlic sat and chili powder only and they were delicious! So versatile and so many different things you could do with this recipe!! May try using cinnamom sugar only soon!

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Z,G,L's mom January 18, 2008

These are so yummy with the poppy seeds (my favorite). Didn't have a star cutter so just quartered my tortillas and baked away. Left them uncovered overnight and they are still "cracker crispy"! One package wasn't enough need to make two next time around. Thanks, cookiedog, these are a great snackin' food!

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Julie B's Hive December 31, 2007

These seemed like too much work for me. Plus I really had trouble cutting the stars. I don't think they are a repeat.

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LaurelLee December 23, 2007

We made these for the 4th of July bbq and boy were they a hit! We used southwest tortillas that already had spices and jalapenos baked into them so we just used the parmesan on one side and sesame seeds on the other. They turned out great and we got lots of favorable comments on them. Thanks for a easy but great recipe!

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Sandy in Oklahoma July 10, 2007

Fantastic idea! I had all kinds of toppings lined up and can say, vehemently and with some conviction, that you should NOT try this with panch pharon topping. *lol* Man, my eyes started vibrating and my tongue threatened to beat me about the head and shoulders. Anyway, the "YAY!" toppings included BBQ seasoning, garlic powder, Old Bay, caraway seeds, homemade curry powder, sesame and poppy seed combination and a lemon pepper mix. The latter had a nice twang to it (duh... the lemon). Can't wait to make a bunch for an upcoming block party, thank you! UPDATE: I took another couple of batches to block party a couple of days ago and they were the favorite of everyone! Nobody could believe they were made from simple flour tortillas and not some labored-over dough. They're so versatile in terms of toppings, that I can't wait to experiment further. I can see cinnamon/sugar for a sweet variation... also reminds me of my mom who used to make these years ago. Great snack!

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Sandi (From CA) July 09, 2007

I had fun makiing these, but did alter the recipe quite a bit so I could eat it(new diet). I left out the parmesan cheese and the egg white. I brushed the stars with olive oil, then added curry powder, paprika and garlic powder. They came out nice and crispy! Thanks!

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Sharon123 December 23, 2006
Tortilla Stars