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What a fun cookie to make. And best of all, there is almost no cleanup required! I used my kitchen shears which aren't the daintiest of scissors but did the job nonetheless. I wasn't sure what to do with the butter so I lightly brushed it on both sides of the snowflakes before baking. I didn't even come close to using the amount of butter called for in the recipe. I also put on some mini chocolate chips after flipping the snowflakes. They went well with the tortilla and powdered sugar. Overall, pretty good taste, extremely easy and a fun activity for kids. Thanks. [Editor's Note:] This recipe has been updated due to this review.

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Ducky February 06, 2004

I made these last christmas, they were the easiest cookie ever. I altered a bit. I used x-mas cookie cutters and cut out all sorts of shapes, I also covered the front side with melted chocholate and then sprinkled pwdered sugar over the top. They were a hit at my sons school. The teachers have already requested some more for this year.

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jewelsnv December 08, 2008

Oh dear! I made these way back when in December and forgot to review. Used whole wheat tortillas and a cinnamon/ granulated sugar dusting. (I used granulated because the grains are "sparkly" and fit the occasion and only a pinch of cinnamon.) I'm thinking next time I might dye the sugar Christmas colors, too. So pretty and a cinch to make in no time flat. Thanks HF! cg ;)

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COOKGIRl June 08, 2005
Tortilla Snowflake Cookies or Decorations