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As a kid growing up in Costa Rica we had a neighbor from Spain that would make this and bring it over and I would eat it cold I loved it soooo much. Now at 24 I got the strangest craving for it so I found your recipe. PERFECT! I added some frozen spinach when frying the potatoes which really added something to it. I make this all the time now, always requested by my husband..fine by me because all the ingredients are always on hand! I usually stick what ever left overs I have in it...tomatoes taste very good and add color. Very important for everyone to remember to really let it cook at that very low heat until almost cooked before flipping it onto a plate and back onto the pan. First few times I made this I had to do it over the sink...just in case

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BusyNomadLady April 14, 2009
Tortilla De Patatas. ( Spanish Potato Omelette)