Tortilla Bowls

READY IN: 3mins
Recipe by Dreamer in Ontario

I found this method of making tortilla bowls for Mexican salads in Company's Coming Greatist Hits Mexican. Make as many as you need. If using corn tortillas, use the microwave method as they tend to crack in the oven.

Top Review by awalde

Wow! So easy, pretty and useful!
The microwave method was perfect and fast!
I will do it again for sure!


  1. Microwave Oven Method:.
  2. Lightly grease bottom and outside of a 2 cup microwave-safe liquid measure measuring cup.
  3. Turn measuring cup upside-down and press tortilla over bottom and sides.
  4. Microwave on high (100%) for 1 minute.
  5. Using clean oven mitts, again press tortilla around measuring cup and microwave on high for another minute until brown spots begin to appear.
  6. If necessary, press tortilla against measuring cup again.
  7. Turn out onto rack to cool.
  8. Conventional Oven Method:.
  9. Lightly grease bottom an outside of oven-safe 2 cup liquid measure measuring cup.
  10. Turn measuring cup upside down onto a baking sheet and press tortilla over bottom and sides.
  11. Bake in 325F oven for 7 to 10 minutes, occasionally pressing tortilla against measuring cup, until brown spots appear.
  12. Turn out onto rack to cool.
  13. Note:.
  14. For larger bowl, use a 10 inch flour tortilla over a 4 cup liquid measure measuring cup.

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