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Made this twice this Thanksgiving season. Once for Thanksgiving day and for a Euchre party that weekend. For Thanksgiving, I made the recipe as written and everyone loved it! We all agreed that it was a nice change from the usual chips & dip. But for the Euchre party, I did everything as written up to the frying part. Since the tortellini was going to be sitting at room temp for quite a few hours, I thought by frying them they would dry out. So, instead I drained, cooled, and patted dry with paper towel. Then tossed them with a tablespoon of olive oil. They stayed great for the 4 hours that they sat out. And the dip was to dye for!!!!Thanks Gayla for a nice change of pace recipe that worked for the two gatherings I had/attended!

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Chippie1 November 27, 2006

made these yesterday for a gathering...i cooked the tortellini earlier in day, then marinated in a ziplock bag with some Italian salad dressing to keep them moist.. the dip was awesome. i served it cold and everyone was eating with both tortellini and crackers... i did add way more franks hot sauce...

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rbaugie October 20, 2012

This was a real hit at a recent pool party, and I forgot to add the hot sauce. Oh well, I guess I will just have to make it again.

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cooking-BAG September 02, 2013

Just made this for Sunday Football. Was super easy to double for a herd. Variations I made: once realizing that I had no sour cream at all, I substituted with a block of room temp cream cheese and a few tbsp of whole milk, also used pre-peeled garlic cloves - sea salted generously and doused with extra virgin olive oil, wrapped in foil and roasted about 45 minutes at 350. I had to stop myself from taste testing too many of the little buggers!

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Jessybean79 November 17, 2013

I am kinda on the fence with this one!!! I cut the recipe in half as I was only serving 6 people....but with 2 SIL who have big appetites!!! I would have preferred a pasta that was a bigger shape, like a ravioli. I found the tortellini to small to deal with. The dip...on the other hand was excellent! Loved the flavour!! I did thin it out with a bit of milk to spread it out further!!! This was a nice change from regular appitizer of chip and dip!! If I was to do this recipe again...I use a fresh ravioli with a unique taste....fresh pasta would certainly rock in this dish!!

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Abby Girl April 01, 2013

This is an addicting dish - Phenomenal! And yes, it's a nice change from the usual apps. Thanks!

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Fruitslinger February 05, 2012

Awesome sauce! I just made the sauce and served it with Joe's Sausage Cheese Balls and it was so good! When we ran out of cheese balls we used crackers and it was still wonderful! Thanks for a great sauce!

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Kyene January 02, 2011

My husband and I really enjoyed this, although I only used half the recommended hot sauce (which gave a bit of a kick, but didn't make me breathe fire!). It's incredibly simple to make, and unique enough to serve for guests or just a special treat. There's lots of sauce left over for the next time!

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Alison J. April 03, 2010

This is an awesome party recipe. I make the whole amount of sauce but I freeze half for the next time I need it. My huband loves this!

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A Cookie Obsession October 18, 2009

This was just OK for me. I think if we didn't have so much other food, they would have gone over better. I did eat several handfuls of the leftover past cold, as a snack and it was good. If I make it again, I will definately cut back on the hot sauce. I think the flavor overpowered the other flavors. I would have liked to taste the garlic more. I will probably make this again due to ease and uniqueness.

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psychotammymom February 10, 2009
Tortellini With Roasted Garlic Sauce (Appetizer)