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Review is just for the sauce - Mr Grumpy objected to another pasta dish this week. I have learned that dried mushrooms work best when they are rehydrated for at least 4 hours, and preferably 8. I used a mixed mushroom blend, which included porcini, chantrelles, morels, and other mushrooms. I did add a splash of wine, since I had a glass at my elbow in the kitchen... This was delicious over veal patties. So don't limit your use of this sauce with just pasta.

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duonyte March 09, 2013

I was so planning to really love this recipe and I'm sure that I would have except for the dried mushrooms. I had DH drive to town and hunt for them and he found just what was ask for except they were cremini's. Not being familiar with then I wanted to give them every chance to plump nicely. I simmered them for 2 mins, soaked then for 30 mins and they did come out soft and easy to chop. Unfortunately they never got past a very tough rubberiness in the mouth that someone much younger might have been able to chew but, old gaffers that we are, it was impossible. We ended up scrapping off all of the mushroom bits and eating the tortellini in the sauce that was left. I would try this again but not with dried cremini's, only with the porcini as ask for. Jenny, I'm so sorry.

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Annacia June 07, 2011
Tortellini With Porcini Mushroom Sauce