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Yum Yum! Very decadent! I made for my daughter's birthday because she cannot eat gluten and loves hazelnuts. The icing didn't work right; but still tasted good. I changed up with raspberries AND Hazelnuts to decorate the top. So delicious. Next time, I'll chop up the hazelnuts before toasting. They were too big whole to eat properly. I'll make this again! And again!

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tinantam August 29, 2013

What a decadent and surprisingly forgiving cake! I realized halfway through that I didn't have quite enough nutella (about a cup, I think) so I made up for it by adding extra ground hazelnuts (about an extra half cup). This cake was a hit for the grown-ups at a family birthday party. Hazelnuts are in season, so I bought locally grown ones at the market and toasted and ground them myself. It was a lot of work, but definately worth it.

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ksparker September 22, 2009

This was so good I made this exactly to the recipe right down to the Frangelico, however I garnished it a little differently… I used 12 Ferrerro Rocher instead of the whole Hazel nuts!... this cake is so rich I probably could have used 16 Ferrerro Rocher … Wow what a beautiful dessert! Not a difficult cake at all I personally thought getting the Parchment paper to stay in the pan was the hardest. I did want to make a note about the frosting. I found it difficult to get this to the right consistency, note-“I have a kitchen aid� it wasn’t until I put the mixture in the freezer long enough to cool it off then it wiped up like it was suppose to “like Chocolate Moose� This is defiantly on my list of desserts to impress! Thank you so much LB

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LB in Middle Georgia January 09, 2009

Very nice cake. Not too heavy and you can clearly taste the hazelnuts. I greased and lined the springform with parchment so I did get the cake out very easily. I removed the side ring first, then turned the springform upside down, took off the bottom and then peeled off the parchment. Piece of cake!

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Flowerfairy November 08, 2008

I used the cake recepie as part of a chocolate hazelnut mousse cake which I made for my parent's dinner party this weekend. The cake is unbelievable! I started making it at 2am, so I was really tired and making a lot of silly mistakes, like placing an egg white with the egg yolks when separating them, and then somehow putting the egg white back in the egg white bowl. I also over-whisked the egg whites a bit, but the cake still came out great! I have barely any experience in cake making, and no experience with flourless cakes, and it still perfectly. The cake was a huge hit, and a few women asked for the recepie. Thank you very much for posting this recepie.

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Choco girl January 21, 2008
Torta Alla Gianduia (Chocolate Hazelnut Cake)