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Love this recipe! I needed an Italian candy recipe for a themed family Christmas party. These turned out great on the first batch, and the family loved them. I used cranberries as the fruit and sliced almonds. However, these would lend themselves well to a variety of different fruits and flavors. I'm adding to my candy recipe collection.

Hint: Line your pan with waxed paper, spray very lightly with oil, then add a thin layer of almonds on bottom of pan. You'll not only increase the nut quotient (always a good thing!), but ensure easy release of the candy once it has cooled. I would post a photo, but they're all gone :-)

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grandmasprotege January 02, 2012

I made this last Christmas for my gift baskets. It was really easy and came out just right. I had a 2 month old baby to deal with and was still able to make this! I don't really like the candied fruit, as far as taste goes, but it added nice color...

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Isabeau October 30, 2009

These turned out great the second time. The first time I used a really old candy thermometer which hadn't been used in over 30 years and it wasn't firm enough but tasted great. I made some chocolate cookies and used the soft nougat as a filling for deluxe oreos. After not being successful I looked in an old "Joy of Cooking" and after heating the sugar to 260F I added about one-fourth to the egg white mixture, brought the rest of the sugar to just under 300F before adding to the egg white mixture. I then added craisins and toasted hazelnuts. I cut the firm mixture up into nine pieces about an inch square, wrapped the nine in one sheet of plastic wrap and put them in origami boxes along with nine individually wrapped caramels to make delicious inexpensive presents.

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Yankiwi December 28, 2009
Torrones - a Christmas Time Nougat Candy