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Although this recipe had a 1 star review, I really wanted to try it because all of the ingredients sound so good. I had never tried fennel before and after reading the previous review I decided to cut back on the amount of fennel in the recipe. My fennel bulb only yielded about 1 1/2 cups of slices anyhow. I also used anise seed instead of fennel seed, and I used less of it. Also, my bag of tortellini was only 12 oz and the recipe called for a 16 oz bag. Had I used a 16 oz bag, I think the ratio of tortellini to the rest of the ingredients would have been too much, so I think the 12 oz was perfect. We REALLY enjoyed this, and I think next time I would probably use the full amount of fennel. Once cooked down, it had a really nice and mild flavor, and mixed in with the sausage, mushrooms & everything else, it just had such a great taste. One issue I had was that when boiling the mixture with the cream & chicken broth- mine never did thicken up. I made a cornstarch slurry which helped, so I would probably keep doing that in the future. Only thing I would change about the recipe is to add some heat- maybe some hot Italian sausage and/or red pepper flakes. This would also taste great as a soup. Thanks for posting the recipe!

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TexasKelly January 22, 2011

This recipe did look delicious in Bon Appetit magazine but it has way too much fennel. I really like fennel but this was just too much.

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whatcha got cookin January 07, 2011
Toretellini With Italian Sausage, Fennel and Mushrooms