Top Secret Reicpes Version of Honeybaked Ham Glazeby Todd Wilbur

Total Time
Prep 25 mins
Cook 30 mins

From Copycat recipe of the famous Honeybaked Ham.

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  1. If you couldn't find a pre-sliced ham, the first thing you must do is slice it. Use a very sharp knife to cut the ham into very thin slices around the bone. Do not cut all the way down to the bone or the meat may not hold together properly as it is being glazed. You want the slices to be quite thin, but not so thin that they fall apart or off the bone. You may wish to turn the ham onto its flat end and cut around it starting at the bottom. You can then spin the ham as you slice around and work your way up.
  2. Mix the remaining ingredients together in a small bowl.
  3. Lay down a couple sheets of wax paper onto a flat surface such as your kitchen counter. Pour the sugar mixture onto wax paper and spread it around evenly.
  4. Pick up the ham and roll it over the sugar mixture so that it is well coated. Do not coat the flat end of the ham, just the outer, pre-sliced surface.
  5. Turn the ham onto its flat end on the plate. Use a blowtorch with a medium-size flame to caramelize the sugar. Wave the torch over the sugar with rapid movement, so that the sugar bubbles and browns, but does not burn. Spin the plate so you can torch the entire surface of the ham. Repeat the coating and caramelizing process until the ham has been well glazed (don't expect to use all of the sugar mixture). Serve the ham cold or reheated, just like the real thing.


Most Helpful

I made this last year and I will make it again today for Christmas dinner. Initially I thought putting everything on the sides of the ham was a messy pain,but then I saw a Food Network program, showing that the Honey-Baked Ham employees have to do exactly the same process! One thing that may be helpful.... I rub the surface of the ham with a little butter (you can use water as well) before putting on the sugar mixture. It helps it stick better.

lioness2luv December 25, 2009

Thanks, every year I have to prepare 80lb of ham for our company Christmas dinner. This year, after finding your recipe, I purchased Pit Smoked boneless ham, mixed your ingredients together, added 2 tbs honey and 4 tbsp water, boiled this and painted the glaze on the sliced ham. One recipe made enough glaze for a 10lb thin sliced (1/16") ham. The raves came in almost instantly. "This is the best one yet" "How did you do this?" "Where did you get this ham? it tastes absolutely fabulous." etc, etc. Since last Friday I have given your recipe # and the link to the zaar to 11 people. I am getting all the glory. Thank you so very much for sharing.

Renate December 10, 2008

I hate to say this as I do use this site frequently but not only was I an employee at HoneyBaked Ham I glazed them for years and this is not the recipe. While I am sure this recipe is quite delicious it is missing one of the major ingredients and also it is poured over the top while in granual form and then a torch is used to actually complete the glaze. Seasoned salt is added after the sugar mixture as a second layer then glazed in carefully as to not burn the salt which is extremely easy to do.

Indio1 November 21, 2011

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