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So easy to throw together, I'll definitely be sharing these for the holidays this year. I used pecan pieces, walnuts and cashews. The taste was like the nuts from a fair. I did sprinkle some sea salt on these, before they cooled, as I love 'sweet and salty'; I will try these with a variety of nuts; to have around for guests during the holidays, or to give as gifts! Thanks so much for sharing, A Pinch Of This ...

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alligirl October 22, 2009

I've not had the original, so I can't compare, but these were very nice candied nuts. I made these exactly as posted. I must caution anyone trying these to not let the nuts cool too long or they will stick together and get hard as a rock and be very difficult to separate. Clearly, I learned this the hard way!

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JackieOhNo! February 18, 2014

These are yummy! I used plain ol' salted peanuts. The first batch, I was afraid of burning, so they didn't come out as brown as expected. The second batch came out browner and stickier. The mix of the sweet and salty is delicious! Will try a mixed nut next. This will be great for my Christmas goodie bags! Thank you!

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Mindy2 December 14, 2011

I am addicted to the Nuts 4 Nuts coconut. I tried this recipe with coconut and it didn't come out as crisp as I would have liked, but it smelled like it was about to burn. Having said that, I'm pretty happy with the recipe. The flavor is right. Even some of the vendors' coconut isn't that crisp. I guess that is the nature of the beast. It is satisfying my craving. (See photo.)

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pattyjeannyc_4130007 August 23, 2010

4 1/2 stars for this great recipe! We found it a bit too sweet for us so I would decrease the sugar next time by a bit. I used plain whole almonds and some salted cashews. I liked the added dimension the salt gave to the finished product. I have never been to NY so I couldn't comment on the similarity to the nuts sold by street vendors, but these certainly are a delicious treat anyways. Just a word of caution - watch these carefully as the nuts go from a syrupy consistency to a dried sugar coating quite quickly. One minute I still had wet nuts, the next minute, they were done. The whole process was about 8 minutes for me. I can see adding other flavours to this as well, say a pinch of cinnamon or even chili powder to change it up a bit. Made for Spring PAC 2010. Thx for the recipe, I will include this in my Xmas goody baskets next year!

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mums the word April 05, 2010

I did walnuts first. Were great. No one recommends Hazels (filberts.) Maybe because they are generally quite expensive. With 2 trees it is a bigger problem to find recipes, though we have our favorites. Just did a batch, only I added 1//4 teaspoon Hazel Nut oil, I use in truffles. Decided next batch walnuts or pecans i will enhance the flavor with a teaspoon of vanilla. Possibly a little more cooking time is all. I plan on trying Almonds as we also have two trees of them.

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kstor1 December 26, 2009

These are delicious and easy. I used a combo of almonds, peanuts, and cashews - the cashews were the best; the almonds, not-so-great, so next time I'll skip those. They were yummy once they'd cooled off enough to eat. I am saving the rest in an airtight container for adding to fall salads, yum.

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appleydapply September 16, 2009
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