Top Secret Honey-Lime Chicken Wing Sauce !

Total Time
15 mins
20 mins

My best friend and I are culinary students and came up with this recipe while we were in culinary school. It really goes with everything... Chicken... French Fries... Honesty, I would put this s**t on everything... : ) I was to point out that most of these ingredients can be added to taste. The sauce is AMAZING and now the only wing sauce I use.

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  1. in a sauce pan saute garlic, cilantro, and half cup of butter until soft, then add bottle of hot sauce.(i use a hot sauce that also doubles as a buffalo wing sauce because i like the extra vinegar, my fave is Franks) - juice three limes using at least a tablespoon of lime zest, and the juice with pulp. add brown sugar, honey, salt and pepper(s) - (s&p to taste).
  2. simmer on stove until you get a deep red color, then pour over chicken wings or dip chicken fingers. THIS IS DELICIOUS ! The real secret of this recipe is getting that clear-red result after the simmer.
  3. *butter correction made*.