Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

Shooter recipe I found on Sandra Lee's on-line site.


  1. Fill each shot glass 2/3 full of Kahlua®.
  2. Very slowly pour in enough heavy cream to top off the glass.
  3. Serve immediately.
Most Helpful

Diner, this is wonderful! Kahlua and cream is one of my faves; how can you go wrong, with two such luscious tastes?! Perfect, as a nightcap, or an after-dinner drink, this will be enjoyed over and over! Thanks so much for sharing! (As an aside, after pouring kahlua, turn a spoon over, and dribble the cream over the back, into the liqueur; this will help to achieve the 'layered-look!)

alligirl January 20, 2010

DH & I just got home after driving six hours in the pouring, freezing rain. Came in & I decided we needed to sit down, chill & try Diner's Top Hat Shooters. I'm a genius! it was so good and perfect just to help us relax those tense muscles. So glad you won & we got to try this recipe.

SB6 December 08, 2013

Rich and lucious! I didn't even need to do the spoon trick. I just poured the heavy cream Slowly and Viola! Thank you so much diner! Made for Zaar Stars

cookiedog July 28, 2010