Total Time
2hrs 10mins
Prep 2 hrs
Cook 10 mins

There does not seem to be any hard and fast rule controlling the preparation and development of a good salsa. Salsas have been developed with tomatoes, no tomatoes, vegetables only, vegetables and fruit, just fruit... Salsa is just that.... a Sauce. Smooth, or with chunks...Mild, Medium, Hot, Fiery, or Volcanic Eat it on its own, or in conjunction with meats, on sandwiches, with cheese, dipped or spooned. Some cultures call it Salsa, while others will dub this delicacy, Chutney... The versatility of salsa is: if you do not like the flavour, adjust it to suit your own palate... there is no "wrong" way to make salsa... there is only a "right" way.... and all recipes are right... whether you call it "Salsa" or "Chutney". Here then is my version of Salsa to suit any palate...

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  1. Shred cheeses, blend and set aside.
  2. Scald tomatoes, remove skins and chop; add to large mixing bowl.
  3. Clean pith and seeds from red, green and yellow peppers -- Chop medium and add to bowl.
  4. Chop garlic cloves and scallions with greens and add to bowl.
  5. Shred carrot on medium grate and add to bowl.
  6. Chop and add herbs to bowl; use the entire bunch of cilantro; and half bunch of parsley.
  7. Add other seasonings to bowl.
  8. Cut 10 jalapeno peppers in half, lengthwise, remove pith and seeds.
  9. Roast and peel 5 (10 halves) jalapeno peppers, cut into strips and chop; add to bowl.
  10. Cut raw jalapeno peppers into strips and chop medium; set aside.
  11. Add olive oil lime juice to bowl.
  12. Combine ingredients in the bowl and mix well.
  13. Set in refrigerator to blend flavours.
  14. Next day: Heat refried beans; serve salsa, cheeses, sour cream, raw jalapeno peppers and beans each in their own bowl.
  15. Serve with Tortilla chips or grilled pita bread, cut into triangles.


Most Helpful

The flavours all blended harmonily together. It was the perfect blend of heat and cool. Well done Toolie

cobus3000 February 25, 2006

A really delicious fresh salsa with a flavour blending that is perfect for a crowd! Its not too hot ... no ingredient overpowers the others. Its also fun "assembling" your own appetizers while sipping on a glass of wine & chatting with friends. Thanx Toolie!

CountryLady February 22, 2006

This was a fantastic recipe Toolie.....definitely a keeper!! Even though it does call for 10 jalapens, you do not notice the was the perfect blend of ingredients! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Canadian Pixie February 20, 2006

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