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I am AMAZED at the people who DID NOT FOLLOW THE RECIPE, but chose to give it one to three stars. The recipe calls for LOW FAT yogurt, not non-fat. Another review makes the point that the reason non-fat yogurt is gelatinous is because of GELATIN! The recipe was formulated for low-fat yogurt. I make lots of substitutions in recipes, but I would never PRESUME to rate a recipe for not turning out well when I did not follow the directions.

I thought this recipe turned out very well. As another reviewer, I halved the recipe because I only had a 32 oz tub of yogurt and was a cup short for the full recipe. I used low-fat Vanilla yogurt and Splenda instead of sugar. I also agree with another reviewer that it can go straight in the ice cream maker after incorporating the yogurt and vanilla.

This is very light and refreshing. My husband and I like intense vanilla flavor, and by using vanilla yogurt and vanilla extract it was quite tasty. I will definitely make this recipe again. I think next time I may chunk up some fresh pineapple to drop in as well - I think the tartness of the pineapple would go well with the yogurt. Cheers!

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ADVChic September 12, 2010

Just to comment on Chef #1108690 's review. There's no telling how much more gelatin you added to this recipe that was called for by using non-fat yogurt. That's how they make fat-free yogurt stand up without any fat. That accounts for your flakes. Delicious animal-bone-collagen flakes.

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bmnchef December 16, 2009

Excellent! Light, fluffy, and creamy, not icy like homemade lowfat frozen desserts tend to be. I halved the recipe and used the Cusinart ice cream maker. So easy and so healthy, I'll be making this often. Highly suggest Stonyfield Farm or other plain organic yogurt as the flavor and quality is so much better, in my opinion, than regular commercial varieties. Thanks for sharing your recipe! UPDATE: I make this often and especially like using Stonyfield's vanilla yogurt and serving with fresh sliced strawberries or other berries. Also LOVE this with a drizzle of local honey. Yum. To die for!

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LonghornMama June 10, 2008

I halved this (except the vanilla- oops!) for my Cuisinart icecream maker as a couple others did-- great stuff! We are excited to try it tomorrow after it's ripened too because the super-frozen parts left in the bowl were the best we thought. We didn't find we needed to chill the mixture after adding the yogurt and vanilla because the yogurt came straight from the fridge. I love that this is low fat and the gelatin insead of eggs which make me nervous to use uncooked. Thanks Tom!

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Clarely August 28, 2007

i have had no problem with the gelatin, as another user has posted. I have only had good results, the most fluffy, light, dreamy, creamy frozen yogurt I have ever made. DEFINITELY the best vanilla frozen yogurt I have had.

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ki4aoa June 22, 2007

None of my kids liked this at all. It still had a bitter taste like yogurt normally does. Nothing like the frozen yogurt from the stores.

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5hungrykids May 14, 2010

What a disastrous recipe. We used fat free yogurt instead of low fat yogurt which could have been the problem, but our concoction was anything but frozen yogurt. It took a long time for it to finally become a consistency other than regular yogurt. When it finally did harden, it was like eating flakes of sorbet. Very disappointing. We will never use this recipe again. However, we still are looking for a good fat free frozen yogurt recipe, if anyone has any suggestions. But please, don't make the same mistake we did by using this unsuccessful recipe.

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freemily5 January 02, 2009

On the first night, the yogurt was a great consistency, creamy and fluffy. Unfortunately, it got pretty hard and icy after sitting in the freezer overnight. Better than other recipes I've tried in that regard and maybe it just can't be avoided with home made. Definitely try this, it's delicious!

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Wistaria May 06, 2008

I'm sorry I couldn't give this a higher rating ... I appreciated the fact that this could be made so that it's virtually nonfat. But I thought there was too much gelatin in it -- in fact, when I tried to pour the base mixture into the ice cream freezer, it had already solidified into a gelatinous, mass. (I used Trader Joe's plain nonfat yogurt). I'll keep looking for my platonic ideal of vanilla frozen yogurt -- but thanks for posting this!

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KLHquilts May 30, 2007

I also halved the recipe and not reading it carefully, used vanilla yogurt rather than plain. I love vanilla so with the addition of even more, I liked this! Perfect treat for a hot summer day.

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iris5555 July 16, 2006
Tom's Vanilla Frozen Yogurt