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How good this was!<br/>I prepared this as suggested, but I reduced the honey to a teaspoon as our honey is very taste and it would be too dominant. I'm glad I have the pomegranade molasses at home as this is really THE great additions to this recipe. My son cleaned up the mold with bread as the juice was incredible delicious!<br/>A great keeper and a aweasome recipe! Thanks a lot CG, I love your recipes!

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awalde January 09, 2014

Very easy & a big hit with everyone! The flavors were delicious. It could only be better with *summer* tomatoes! Made for Tasting UAE or whatever it's called in the NA/ME Forum...

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Elmotoo January 06, 2014

Great even with organic canned tomatoes!! I used unrefined extra virgin olive oil, organic onion, local organic garlic, raw local honey, Cortas pomogranate syrup, forgot to buy dried marjoram so left it out, fine grey sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper. Served as a sauce with organic brown Jasmine Rice and an Emratie curried fish dish. Made for Exploring United Arab Emirates!

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UmmBinat January 03, 2014
Toms 'n' Pom (Vegan-Friendly)