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This pie was discussed in a Zaar thread and it was certainly one of the stranger concepts for a pie that I ever encountered, so naturally, I had to try it! Lucky for me, when I went to Whole Foods to find some cheese worthy of this recipe, an employee who grew up in Florida, exclaimed, "Oh my God! I grew up with Tomato Pies and THIS is the cheese we all use down there!" So, I bought a Parrano Uniekaas Dutch Cheese and a Black Diamond Cheddar which was aged 5 years, plus the Parmesan. By the photos that I included, you can tell that I chose to use a wide variety of Heirloom tomatoes, just for fun. The recipe went together like a snap, (I put Panko crumbs on top with the Parmesan), and the smell was amazing, as it baked. It's a tad runny, but when we sat down to try this new recipe, we were bowled over by the taste!!! Even my very, very picky daugher who only likes pizza, asked for a second slice. :) I would plan on serving this at least a couple of times per year, just for the heck of it but I could easily see this being stunning at a brunch, too! So glad that I stumbled upon the "Tommy Toe Pie" thread and had the time and courage to make this most unusual addition to our dinner menu.

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The_Swedish_Chef September 30, 2009

sharon 123, This recipe was attractive to me ,because of the name originally.When I read it,it seemed interesting,when tasted it was SUPER.Thanks The only comment I have is that perhaps a weight or cup quantity on the tomatoes would be helpful.I guessed as to how many tomatoes by the size of my pie plate,and this worked out fairly well..Is a keeper for me taste was outstanding...Don Steele

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Don Steele October 04, 2009

perfect for summer when I grow more tomatoes than we can eat, and I love the name

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GingerlyJ September 26, 2009
Tommy Toe Pie