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This sauce is SO tasty..infact deceptively so. Who would have thought such simple and rustic flavors would have such a complex and inviting finish? I could eat this stuff by the spoonful and infact was caught doing so more than once. I found that 4 cups of tomato sauce was exactly 1 29 oz can and 1 8 oz can (I measured infact). I simmered the sauce covered for an hour, then to thicken about 20 minutes. I used Chardonnay for the wine. I am making another batch this weekend to freeze. Thank you for this wonderful sauce, it is a true gem of a recipe!

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Michelle S. February 02, 2006

Mickie, I really like this sauce. It was so easy to make and the flavor is just wonderful. I used some to make homemade pizza and then just sprinkled on some italian seasoning before adding the other toppings. I froze the rest and plan to use it for spaghetti, but I'm also thinking it would be good over meatloaf. Thanks for sharing!

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Susie in Texas August 12, 2004

I really enjoyed this sauce. I have tons leftover as I eat very little sauce at one point in time. So.. I plan to freeze the leftover sauce. I served it with some pasta and a nice plate of veggies :-) I ended up having to cook it for less time than it said to.... but it was done to my liking at about 45 minutes at most.. Thanks mickie!!!

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love4culinary January 31, 2004
Tomato-Wine Sauce