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Wonderful, wonderful recipe! I don't usually enjoy raw onions in anything but this recipe has just the right amount. I reduced the olive oil a little and had this as a salad for lunch. Thanks Andi for yet another wonderful recipe!

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Shuzbud January 09, 2010

I loved the flavors in this dish! I used V8 juice and green onion instead of chives. Thanks Andi, for a yummy side dish!

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Sharon123 June 03, 2008

Excellent flavour! I have so many tomatoes growing in the garden, so I thought this recipe would be perfect. I used about 10 mini Roma tomatoes and used fresh seeded sour bread but kept to the recipe. we enjoyed it on Hubby's birthday as a main meal. I used the tartare tomato as a base, topped it with grilled swordfish and drizzle it's water sauce on top of the fish. I would be definitely making this again and eating it as a snack like a queen. Thank you Andi of Longmeadow Farm

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Chef floWer March 22, 2008

I should have read Kumquat's review more closely because everything that I wish I would have changed, she did change... I loved this as did my mom because we are both tomato fanatics! I wish I would have cut down on the olive oil even more than I did because it was very strong but it just took some getting used o because I enjoyed this dish as I ate more and more. My suggestions would be to cut back on the olive oil both in the tomatoes and in the tomato water, make the bread pieces fairly small or even into crumbs as Kumquat did, cut some of the tomato into big chunks and the rest into smaller pieces so there are varying sizes, and make sure your onion is very small since it is raw it isn't fun to bite into a big chunk of raw onion (at least for me it isn't). Great recipe, Andi. Thank you!

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Christineyy! March 21, 2008

Well I don't do beef tartare, but this tomato dish was over the top excellent! It's been easier to find good tomatoes on the off season, so I decided to try this dish. Instead of 2 large tomatoes I used 3 medium, and ended up with about 6 tablespoons juice, so I decided to replace one of the tablespoons with the V8 I bought:D Otherwise, I only added about 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. As for the bread, I toasted up a slice of sourdough, blended it up in the blender and ended up with about 3/4 cup. BF and I ate the whole thing. He was as crazy as I was for this recipe! BTW, tomatoes are also among my favorite veggies, I eat them all the time and never get sores in my mouth:D Will be making this often and this recipe is now in my favorites cookbook. Thanks Andi, you've done it again! Unfortunately my picture did not do this recipe justice.

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Kumquat the Cat's friend December 19, 2007
Tomato Topping