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Made for PHOTO FORUM Organic Gardens, July 2010. I find it very hard to rate this recipe. The tastes are great, but the recipe is (to my mind) not quite right as it is now. Maybe I should have seen the problem before I tagged it: it's not really possible to use uncooked plum/cherry tomatoes in a pie without it shedding a lot of liquid, which, used with a puff pastry crust is a small disaster! So, although the tastes put together here are great, it was very hard to turn out (I put baking paper at the bottom of a tart dish to prevent any sticking -- I do not have a round skillet which is hob-to-oven-to-table, like this recipe uses). The lots of liquid from the tomatoes made the crust soggy around the edges, and within a while after turning out it also affected the rest of the crust.

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Zurie July 03, 2010
Tomato Tarte Tatin