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OMG! Andi my dear, I really took a flying leap of faith with this recipe. I despise tomato soup while my guys merely hate it but I had some canned tomatoes that had been lingering around. I thought "Andi has never steered me wrong and if I'll ever like a tomato soup it will be hers". I put it off for a couple of weeks after tagging it but this morning I just bit the bullet and made the soup. My first tentative sip was an eye opener, WOW - this is delicious! The guys came in and were told that there was hot soup on the stove. The pot lid went up and there was silence then DH ask "What is it?". One word "tomato", them came a duet of moans and groans. DH ask "is this what your eating?" "yes". He made DS take a teaspoon that he really didn't want then his eyes got like saucers as he said "I like it, Mom this is GOOD!". DH then has a taste and the two of them cleaned up the rest of the pot while I was working. Andi, you have made tomato soup fans out of this family. I used whole multi grain bread and we all loved the texture, I choose the veggie broth option, yum. I'm sure that a large part of us loving it is that it isn't a horrible "Cream of" soup. What a wonderful experience you gave us along with a recipe that I'll keep and use again and again. Tagged in Veg Swap 30.

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Annacia January 15, 2011

Great soup recipe. Reminds us of Panera's soup. Would also be good with a little milk or cream added.

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Andrew'sMom December 31, 2010

Campbell's should be ashamed! I had this recipe pulled together in 10 minutes. We don't eat fresh tomatoes this time of year because they are quite awful, so I used a can of Muir Glen organic 'Fire Roasted' tomatoes instead. The onion and garlic were finely minced in a food processor and softened in a large pot a few minutes in olive oil with dried Greek oregano to infuse the herb flavor. Added the remaining ingredients except for the chives until the mixture was very hot then transferred to a slow cooker and cooked on LOW 3 hours. Mmm! My husband and I both had seconds! Reviewed for Veg Tag January.

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COOKGIRl January 19, 2011

Very easy to make and light which helps on those busy weeknights when you don't have a lot of time and want to eat healthy. Many thanks for the recipe.

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Texas Shorty December 01, 2010

I'd never dream of making soup from canned tomatoes.. until now & now I'm making soup out of canned tomatoes on a less than weekly basis!!! This recipe is so simple & so quick to whip up, not to mention so tasty! I've been trying to increase volume so we can save some for tomorrows lunch but it just seems to encourage Si to go back for seconds or thirds - there's never any left!! Thanks for such a great find!!

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Bondnz July 10, 2010

Little Miss (DD) wanted tomato soup for her birthday dinner. I'm sure glad we choose to do this recipe, it was perfect. I doubled the serving to eight people and used 800 grams of chopped tin tomatoes. I choose pre-made Italian herbs in a jar, all the dinner guest enjoyed this soup, perfect for our cold weather. Thank you Andi for another great recipe. I will be making this again very soon.

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Chef floWer May 15, 2010

I made this and the family loved it! My brother in law who doesn't like tomato soup really enjoyed it. The only addition I made was adding fat free evaporated milk. Thanks for a great recipe!

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JFitz February 23, 2010

Wonderfully fresh tasting. Who knew it's the dead of winter when having a bowl of this soup. I used 2 of the 14.5 oz cans of tomatos, one whole tomatoes and one can of the Fire Roasted tomatoes. MMHMMMM. Served with Italian Peasant Bread for Bread Machine Italian Peasant Bread for dipping and slurping. Topped with choice of shredded fresh parmesan or fresh mozzarella and red pepper flakes. Wonderful!! Thanks.

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Peg629 February 18, 2010

Made half a batch of soup to go along with Grilled & Seasoned Chicken Croissant Sandwiches#33305 for Herb of the Month Bay...February 2010. What a delicious, quick and easy recipe. I followed the recipe as written. I did use Italian seasoning along with chicken broth and I wish I would have made the full batch...some for leftovers. Thank you for a wonderful recipe which I definately will make again.

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mama smurf February 17, 2010

First review ever! Hands down, the BEST tomato soup I have ever made, and just as good as the restaurants! My kids even ask when I will be making it again. I love that it uses no heavy cream, I hate the taste and never have it on hand anyway. Using bread is genius, in my novice opinion. I have to admit, whenever a recipe calls for garlic, I always use more then stated (I used 3 cloves) because we love the flavor but I think the one clove is sufficient. Just pulled this up now to make tomorrow, per request...again, and felt the need to review this delightful, and flavorful addition to our family menu! 10 stars!!

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mnmk June 30, 2016
Tomato Soup