Tomato Salad

Total Time
10 mins
10 mins

Trying to add different dishes and salads to the "Saturday Lunch at the Farm" crowd brought the dawn of new tastes and new ways of devouring lunch. This salad goes particularly well when "Tommy the Beefsteak Tomato" or "Penelope the Plum tomato" when in the summer you can actually smell the tomatoes maturing and growing big right before you eyes. The use of fresh mint really highlights this simple salad along with the use of fresh scallions, and cucumbers. Even during the cold winter, to bring this bright salad to the table can bring smiles and salad bowls handed down to add just a little more. This is a rustic salad that jumps up and grabs you to behold it. Hey, who said the "Farm" can't be healthful too. Don't hesitate to change the ingredients or using fresh green or red peppers instead of the chilies. Go's ok! Enjoy mostly......and have fun *Note* my friend Maito tried this and her suggestions were so good I incorporated the into this recipe. I think it was perfect, thank you Maito!

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  1. Using a small mixing bowl ~ but ingredients of the sauce together and whisk gently.(Makes approximately 1/2 cup to use on salad to taste).
  2. In large bowl combine the chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, mint (if using) and basil.
  3. Add the sauce, and chilies to taste, top off with nuts.
  4. Toss and serve immediately.
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Simple and delicious dish! I used fresh basil and mint from the garden and peanuts - loved the added crunch! I had a very strong jalapeno, so adjusted the amount to taste. Thanks for sharing! ZWT7

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This is summer. Pure and simple. The basil and mint really make the juicy tomatoes and crisp cucumbers sing. I never would have imagined that fish sauce could add so much to such a salad, but it added a beautiful depth to the dressing. I cracked fresh pepper over each serving, sprinkled with kosher salt and savored each and every fresh light bite. I was truly saddened when it was gone.

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The quality of the veggies is critical for this dish. It's very very good. I did not have any chicken, but wanted this for lunch, and so I used some canned solid albacore tuna instead, and it worked really nicely with the veggies. I probably would not use any jalapenos next time - even though I reduced the amount, I still felt it overpowered the salad. I omitted the nuts, but otherwise used all the ingredients. I'll try this again when my own tomatoes and cucumbers are ready in the garden.