Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

From: Lancaster Farming Shared By: Pat Stockett

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  1. Peel and mash tomatoes.
  2. Add soda, eggs and crumbs.
  3. Fry like pancakes in a hot skillet.
  4. Serve with pancake syrup if desired.


Most Helpful

I really love fresh tomatoes. This recipe is simple, classic and timeless. Tomatoes are best fresh picked and never stored in the refrigerator. I made this recipe as written....from the Amish country. I only added much needed salt and pepper, and I chopped the tomatoes instead of mashing. I poured off most of the tomato juice (saving it for breakfast). I used regular saltine crackers because they are super crispy, and I love them. Make sure the oil is hot and not just the skillet, and fry them very fast in small sizes. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

Miss Annie November 08, 2009

Tastes great! However, the recipe needs work. I split the recipe in half and that still served 2. The tomatoes need to be drained and patted dry. The mix was just too wet. I added 3/4 cup more cracker crumbs than it called for & it was still very very moist. I had problems cooking it because of the moisture making the patties just too delicate. I let them firm up in the fridge for a while - it seemed to help a little bit. I tried using olive oil and pan frying/sauteeing them, but I just made tomato mush lumps that weren't really cooking! In the end, I had to use Canola oil and shallow fry them one at a time. These need to be made very thin to cook properly. Each patty was created from a small spoonful of batter & then flattened out in the pan. I used Ritz Garden Flavored crackers, which was a great cracker to use -- very tasty. If I had used plain crackers, I would have wanted to add some herbs to flavor this. I used a ridged muddler to mash the tomatoes. I served this with recipe #224136 drizzled over them -- beautiful combination in my book! All in all, these were really tasty, but the recipe's ratios are off and the directions aren't in-depth enough. In the future I'll know what to expect in the cooking process and will be able to fine tune it so it's not a mess that takes all day :( because I will be making tomato patties again :) ! [Made & Reviewed for Bargain Basement Tag]

Gaia22 June 21, 2009

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