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Love the recipe except for one little thing. Waste not, want not. LOL instead of discarding the skins and pulp put them in the dehydrator and make tomato powder. This recipe is quick and tasty.

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Kris P. January 23, 2014

This was so fast and easy! I used cherry tomaotes and big beef. I don't really care about the thickness. I have a wonderful food mill that takes all the skins and seeds right out, so this was a super fast recipe. I had no problem with the jars sealing either. They sealed almost right away! I did add 2 tbs of lemon juice per quart because it's a preservative. Thanks to some advice from my recipe zaar buddies. I will be using this recipe the rest of the growing season! Thanks for posting!

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Sarah in New York August 28, 2008

I made tomatoe juice for the first time this summer, and I was able to accomplish the store bought consistency, but your ideas of either freezing to remove peels, or to just skip the peeling process and run through the sieve, sure beats the heck out of par-boiling, removing scalding hot skins, then cooking, then mashing yada-yada like I did. I'll try it your way next year. Thanks for sharing.

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idahoshar October 16, 2007

My grandson loves store bought tomatoe juice and drinks it like water leaving none for me. Your directions made it seem so easy I tried it using half the amount of tomatoes. I added some hot sauce to give it a kick and now have a good stockpile of juice with just the right amount of pulp. So good ice cold and saved a bunch of money! Thanks so much.

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Pastryismybiz October 04, 2006

I processed tomato juice using this recipe and now realize that I may not have boiled the jars of juice long enough. Most recipes call for 40 to 50 minutes processing time for tomato juice. This recipe says boil for 25 minutes.

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melbakist_12732191 September 11, 2013

I would give this recipe 10 stars if I could. 5 stars for simplicity and another 5 stars for flavor! I've never made tomato juice before because I thought it was difficult. I picked some tomatoes from my garden and wasn't ready to make stewed tomatoes or salsa yet. I decided to give this recipe a try. You made it so easy for me to make a small batch. The canner was already in place on the stove. Thanks for the tip about the skin - I skipped removing the skin and it worked great! So fast, easy and delicious too. I will definitely be canning more when I have more tomatoes!!!

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QueenBee49444 August 05, 2011

Wonderful tomato juice. Just open my first jar and drank the whole quart in one sitting. Normally I don't care much for home canned tomato juice, but this was different.
I too used regular garden tomatos.

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Roger/OH January 30, 2011

This recipe was the easiest I have ever used. I didn't use a food mill though I used a wire strainer and mashed it through with a spoon. It was so fast. I did add a few things to this like onions ,cilantro, orange bells diced and some jalapenos also and I will freeze mine this time around it looks like to be about 8 quart bags full ... This winter when its cold and yucky out watch it chili here we come!! Thank so very much!

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Gerty-Goose September 06, 2009

I made 24 quarts of this and hubby just drank his 1st quart this morning. He said "Is the the stuff you made?" I was scared because he is so picky and when i said "Yes" he said WOW!!!!! I only used regular ole garden tomatoese, i think they were big boys. I cored, boiled then ran through a mill. The only thing i added was celery salt, onion salt and some paprika to taste. After canning it seperates and looks like its going to be to watery but as soon as you stick it in the fridge and let it chill overnight then give it a shake its PERFECT!!! It looks and tastes like store bought the juice kinda clings to the side of the glass and everything. I will be making this every year now..Thanks so much for sharing the easiest bestest way to make juice!!

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Heather Reynolds in Virginia September 07, 2008
Tomato Juice - Canning