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Had run out of sambals for some Nasi Goreng, In the boonies they are harder to find. decided to give this a try, went whole hog with the recipe even though I am a wuss about pepper flakes and truly despise cilantro. Since it was a Meany Recipe I bit the bullet and was delighted with the results, great combination of flavors,worked really well with the nasi goreng, fingers, toast, rice,cucumber, sausage yada yada. I thickened it quite a bit so that it would not become too runny with the addition of the lime juice. I am going to can some small jars of this so that I can avoid replacing my sambals all the time. I wonder how hot it will get after it has been canned for a few months?? If this recipe is good enough for me to haul out my canner again, it is a true WINNER.

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Lulu B October 26, 2003
Tomato Ginger Jam