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I'm so sorry not to rate this higher, but it didn't work out very well for me. I liked the idea of serving in the eggplant shell, but it was too soft to hold up....that wasn't a big deal though. I use all of these ingredients very often which is what drew me to trying this, however I missed that usual addition of garlic & ginger that you normally see in a curry. The biggest thing for me was the amount of small bits to chew through in the finished product with so many mustard seeds, eggplant seeds and the dried coconut. So I'd agree with Gandalf the White about maybe leaving the coconut out next time. Of course it's all personal preference...I think with a few tweaks I'd find this one a keeper too.

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magpie diner April 16, 2010

Since the ingredients in this recipe remind me of one of my favorite Indian dishes, I selected it for the Fall contest ... and I wasn't disappointed. There is a little bit of work: it's a two step recipe in which the eggplant is roasted, the flesh removed and made into a filling, and the eggplant shells then filled and used to serve the dish. Can be as elegant or as informal as you like. I'm not a coconut fan and would leave it out next time, but my kids both loved it with coconut and would definitely vote to keep it. They both had seconds -- that's a real vote!! I made the recipe exactly as written, using a commercially prepared mild curry powder. Clearly, once you've made it, you can adjust the spices to your own taste and tolerance. As made, a little heat was noticeable, but no one had any discomfort over the spiciness of the dish. The author clearly points out that the chef needs to monitor the saltiness of the eggplant in the production. If you use the small oriental eggplant (eg, Japanese egglant or the Asian round eggplant), you may not need to use salt to draw out the water from the eggplant. Definitely a keeper recipe. Can be made on a weeknight after work. Thanks, Vegan4TheWin, for sharing this with us! Made for PAC Fall 2008. Photos pending.

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Gandalf The White October 23, 2008
Tomato-Chickpea Curry in Eggplant Shells