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Fantastic! A wonderful recipe which filled the whole house with it's tantalising aroma whilst cooking! I stuck to the recipe with only a couple of very minor changes; I added a little bit of sugar & also just a couple of cardamoms - I hope your Mum will not mind GT in SA!!! I had a wonderful suggestion by GT in SA, that I make potbrood to go with this - I ran out of time, but I will make it that way next time. I served it with my own Saffron Scented Yellow Rice and some homemade Peach & Courgette chutney; wall to wall nostalgia - I even found myself singing Sarie Marie......."take me back to the old transvaal"........whilst making it!! I recommend this recipe for an easy & hearty casserole/stew - with a bit of attitude! Thanks for posting this - a keeper for me - in my SA cookbook.

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French Tart January 28, 2007
Tomato Bredie