Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

When I'm lazy (frequent occurence) and if I'm going to drink beer throughout the weekend (to endure weekend guests), I often drink Tomato Beer. It also keeps me "regular". Tastes great and won't dehydrate you like straight beer.


  1. Mix the ice cold beverages and enjoy!
  2. A little ice is optional.
Most Helpful

Sipping this as we speak watching football. I often add a squeeze of lime. Thanks for sharing!!! T.J.

davinandkennard September 09, 2007

Tried this in college years ago. A friend from Wisconsin told us this red beer was how they stayed warm in the winter. Not sure about that, but surprisingly tasty. Best ice cold.

LonghornMama September 08, 2007

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Red Beer! Yummy. My dad calls this a Polish Bloody Mary. I always get called a redneck when I order this in a bar, but it's the only way I'll drink beer.

Bippie August 29, 2007