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I've made this dish several times now and it always gets rave reviews. I usually cut the chicken into bite size pieces before cooking and serve the dish over linguine. For the sauce I add some additional fresh basil and oregano from the garden, and some sliced mushrooms. If I'm serving more than 2 people I double the sauce. As a pasta sauce some people may like this with slightly less balsalmic than the recipe calls for.

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Schmutzarella December 15, 2007

This was really sooo good and really easy to pull together. Had a couple of small tweaks that worked well for me. Though I had tomatoes with roasted garlic, I added an extra clove in while cooking the chicken. Also, beacause I couldn't find tomatoes with Italian spices, I added a teaspoon of my own blend. My biggest tweak was that while the tomatoes and artichokes were simmering with the balsamic vinegar, I let the chicken rest on top where the meat absorbed some of that the sweet acidic balsamic flavor. Next time, I made double the sauce so that there is enough to spoon over pasta. Thanks Jovi!

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justcallmetoni April 12, 2005

I just love a quick and easy recipe that tastes so....good! I used 3 large chicken breasts cut up into chunks and made the recipe as is and served over thin spaghetti. There was quite a bit left over so next time I think I'd only need to use 2 breasts. Delish! This one is a keeper!

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DDW April 25, 2008

I followed the recipe nearly to the tee with a few minor changes. I added oregano, basil, and garlic(heavy on the garlic) because my diced tomatoes were the plain kind. I also didn't coat my chicken with the flour mixture since they were pre-cooked (thanks to DH boiling them a couple of days ago); so I just added salt and pepper to the tomato/artichoke mix. I also went heavy on the artichokes because I LOVE them. Finally, I added in a tiny handful of mushrooms because some other raters had used them & liked it, but I honestly don't think they went very well with the dish. The bites that had mushrooms in them were just OK. Overall, this dish was AMAZING!!! Everyone in the house loved it, even the ones who "think" they don't like artichokes.Next time, I will definitely leave out the mushrooms (not a part of the posted recipe anyway) and cook the chicken with the other ingredients (although I still won't bread them). Very, very tasty, healthy, and we will definitely be having it again! Thanks for posting jovigirl!<br/><br/>Oh, and I served this with a side of asparagus and ranch potatoes ( http://www.food.com/recipe/ranch-potatoes-75873 ). All so good and filling!

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Misawa Mandi October 19, 2014

Not the prettiest of dishes, but the flavour and ease of making more than makes up for that. I used regular tomatoes and added in about a half teaspoon each of basil, oregeno and a big clove of crushed garlic. Loved that this was made with things we ALWAYS have on hand.

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JustJanS April 27, 2011

This was an incredibly easy topping to throw together. We've started eating Quorn and you can't really 'do' anything with their ch'ken cutlets except top them. This went really well.

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Andi Oz January 03, 2011

Loved this recipe. I actually skipped the whole breading part. I also didn't have tomatoes with the basil, garlic and oregano. So I just added those ingredients in separate. I only did a dash of the balsamic vinegar and added a splash of red wine. I served it over some quinoa. Will make again. Thanks!

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COC in East Troy, WI September 10, 2010

This was an excellent meal! I modified a little and added about 1/4 cup of red wine and served it over white rice. Very quick, very simple and the chicken was VERY tender! Thanks : )

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lostintime1389 May 16, 2010

EXCEPTIONAL dish! TRUE! I made this as a special thing for me to do! GREAT compbination of ingredients too! I added some spinach until it wilted for colour, TRUE! Takes a bit of time, well it did me! I also added grated romano cheese instead of parm cheese as was quicker in my fridge to see! THANKS! GREAT dish! Used flat chicken tenderloins for presentation, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish with elation!

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mickeydownunder May 02, 2010

Delicious and easy recipe! I followed the recipe exactly except I added balsamic vinegarette dressing instead of the vinegar. I also added some fresh sliced mushrooms to the sauce while cooking. The blend of flavors was wonderful. I served it with mashed potatoes and green beans. My husband is usually skeptical when I try a new recipe but he loved this one. He said the sauce was so good he could eat that by itself. I'll be making this again very soon.

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Judy M. September 30, 2009
Tomato and Artichoke Chicken Breasts