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Absolutely wonderful flavor. Highly recommended. Don't be affraid of the hot chili, the coconut milk neutrolizes the hot. The soup actually has a sweet flavor. The broth is thinner than you'd expect, but it doesn't distract from the recipe at all. I found the time estimates a little short, give yourself a little extra time. I found fresh galangal root and lime leaves impossible to find on short notice. The local Asian market doesn't stock them. You really need a Thai or Vietnamise grocer. The Asian grocer recommended substituting Ginger root for the galangal root, and Lemon peels for the lime leaves. Both of these worked out fine, you just have to separate them out before serving.

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teaganm February 16, 2002

Incredible flavor, easy and quick but tastes like an all day affair.

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Fiona Robison February 04, 2001

There seems to be a lot of coconut milk for such a small quanitity of stock. I also think there is too much chicken in this recipe and will use less than 1 lb. It is only 3 cups so the ratio of 1 1/4 lbs of chicken to 3 cups of soup just doesnt jive

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susan fulchiero December 15, 2001

My husband doesn't care much for chicken, and he just loves this recipe! I highly reccomend it since it is very tasty, and easy to make!

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Darcie Kelly February 24, 2002

I tried many Tom Kha Gai recipes this one is my favorite. We get the galangal root and lime leaves from our local Asian market that specializes in Chinese and Filipino foods. I'm going to have to try the palm sugar as Sascha suggested. I like to reserve half of the coconut milk and put it in at the last boil. It makes the final color of the soup brighter.

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tomlinste October 31, 2011

Very good job Cameron!<br/>I am from the US and I have lived in Thailand for the past 9 years.<br/>The only comments I would make to your recipe, are:<br/>I always boil the kafir lime leaf, lemon grass, and galangal root first, for at least 1/2 hr. or until the aroma fills the air.<br/>I use leg and thigh meat because it's more tender and moist.<br/>Ingredients that you list that I don't use are, ginger, cilantro, and sugar.<br/>One more point to all of the viewers, is: Coconut milk and lime juice are the very last thing when the soup is finished. They will both lose there flavor if cooked any length of time.<br/>Everything else is perfect!

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Glen H. January 06, 2015

Really wonderful. Made it for a group of women at our monthly Dining with Women meeting as we were donating to a Thailand project this month. Did not use tomatoes but used the lemon grass and it was perfect. Very easy to adjust quantity.

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shetorg December 12, 2013

I love this soup! I have never made it until today. I had some chicken thighs I poached to cook. I took the skins off after cooking and cut the meat into chunks. It came out great.

I ran out of prepared broth, so I used a concentrate that made 3 1/2 cups with the two 12 oz cans of milk. This was just the right amount after it simmered for a t. Came out a little thick, but still soupy. I omitted the Thai chiles as my 7 year old would not have any of it if I didn't. I put in a teaspoon or so of sriracha. It still was spicy from the galangal.

If you have never used fresh galangal and are just now experimenting with it like me, USE LESS. There is no real measurement to how much to use, but I cut a small amount (appx 1 Tablespoon) and 2 T of ginger root. BIG mistake. I loved it and he complained about the spices. If you are trying to get your children to appreciate all cultures of food and open their palates, then please use less than I did. I would also cut the kaffir lime leaves in half to start and tweak it later to see if your kiddos will like it then.

I would also recommend getting a spice pouch (your local Asian food store should have them) for the lemongrass and ginger/galangal bits to remove them or to isolate them from the rest of the meats and veggies. It can tend to be a bit overpowering to have chunks of them. (Unless you swing that way :D)

Good news, he still ate it and the Earth stayed young.

The flavors are amazing, just like in a restaurant. I just had the chicken with FRESH brown criminis (my mushroom of choice) quartered and it came out where they shrank in the broth, but are packed with flavor. Next time I will add carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and OMG cabbage! to my soup for more textures. There is nothing better than having this soup with those added textures and that will mimic my fave restaurants style.

Good luck to those who are trying something new and happy taste buds!

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1007443 December 13, 2012

This recipe was a fantastic base for a little personal adjustments. SO GOOD.
I added more chicken, one whole leg with skin and bone for richer flavor, zucchini, red bell pepper, anaheim pepper 'cause I can't do very spicy. The galangal root is essential to get the right note in Thai soup. And in this recipe it made the soup so tasty wonderful.

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Aztcqn October 31, 2012

We really liked this recipe, although we did make a few changes. First of all, we doubled this recipe. Instead of chicken, I opted for shrimp and tofu. I sauteed and added half an onion (I would use the whole onion next time) and 3 carrots (more carrots would've been good, too). I used vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. Once I sauteed the carrots and onion for about 5 minutes, then I proceeded with the recipe as directed. I didn't have galangal, so I just upped the ginger, which I thinly sliced instead of minced. I used 2 stalks of lemon grass cut into 1 inch pieces. I used less than the called for amount of tomatoes, but I think I will up the tomatoes next time as it could've used a bit more. The recipe turned out great. I was pleased with the results! I'm excited I can now make one of my favorite Thai dishes at home!

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Sarah&Hannan October 20, 2012
Tom Kha Gai