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Delicious Ian, we enjoyed this treat very much. Made exactly as written with a few exceptions. I didn't add the coconut meat, or straw mushrooms, as I couldn't find any in this small town I live in and I used shrimp instead of chicken. This rich, creamy soup is a soup of many layers and they all taste great. I loved that you could taste individual flavors throughout the soup. Thank you so much for sharing a new favorite.

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Baby Kato February 19, 2011

I made this soup for Spring PAC 2010 and it was absolutely delicious! It really rivaled the best soups that I have eaten in Thai restaurants. I have always loved the blend of subtle flavors in Thai cooking. I made this recipe as wrtten except I could not find the lime leaves, but the other ingredients were easy to find at local Asian markets. I added a bit extra lime juice instead. This was easier to make than I thought and the smell was driving me crazy while it was cooking,, it was so good! I could have eaten all of it myself, but I did share with my family,lol! Thanks Ian for another great recipe!

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Jociecee April 23, 2010

I think this has been the best Tom Ka recipe that I have tried so far. Personally I think it could have had less coconut milk, I had to add quite a bit more lime juice etc and I think I wouldn't have needed to with less milk. I did a 2/3rds (4 serving) recipe. Used 1 quart of broth and two cans of coconut milk. I still used a can of chestnuts and substituted a half can of bamboo shoots for all the mushrooms. This was an excellent way to try out my home-dried tomatoes. They were delish! Softened right up in the soup. Was feeding the kids so left out the chilis but still used the red paste.

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Chef Tweaker July 07, 2012

This so is SO yummy! I made quite a few changes. I omitted a few things (mostly just because I didn't have them); the extra can of chicken stock, water chestnuts coconut meat thai chillis red curry paste (the only mushrooms I used were regular white ones, fresh) Also, I added, 1 TB chilli paste 1 C chopped bok choy baby carrots 1 t garlic salt I don't like too many inedible bits, so after steeping the lemongrass, galangal and lime leaves in the broth I strained it before adding the next ingredients. I added a pinch extra sugar and lime juice because I like it sweet and tangy It turned out awesome, my husband commented "just as good, if not better that the restaurant one"

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xtinabeans February 12, 2010
Tom Ka Gai (Spicy Chicken Soup W/ Coconut Milk)