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This is how all chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream ought to taste. The entire ice cream tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough-- not boring vanilla with chunks of dough! I cut this recipe out from the back of a bag of chocolate chips over 20 years ago, but had only made it once when I first found it. I thought it was delicious then, and when I recently made it again my co-workers declared it "scrumptious" and my kids are mad that I haven't been making it all throughout their childhoods! It's super easy to make, too. The hard part is waiting for the ice cream to freeze before you can eat it. We actually ate some half-frozen, and it was amazing that way, too. It made too much to fit in my loaf pan, so we had an extra 1-cup bowl of it besides. My kids don't like the nuts, so we omitted them this time around, but it's yummy either way.

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amythistle August 31, 2013
Toll House Quick Ice Cream