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This is my new favorite recipe!!! I'm going to make it again & put individual portions in the freezer for taking to work for a really great lunch. I love this recipe!! I confess to a few modifications: the result is a vegetarian, lo-cal delight! (1) I used TVP (texturized vegetable protein) reconstituted w/ mushroom boullion instead of meat & included fennel when I simmered the sauce to give a hint of sausage seasoning. (2) I used a 10 ounce pkg. of frozen spinach & deleted the zuchini altogether. I sauteed the veges w/ Molly McButter & garlic granules instead of fresh garlic & added dried parsley flakes. (3) I used plain, extra firm tofu that I pressed for about an hour to squeeze out the water & make it easier to slice plus it then absorbes the flavors of the dish better (4)I used no-fat cottage cheese pureed in a food processor w/ egg beaters instead of an egg & I added chipotle spice, too (5) I used salt & pepper on each layer of tofu when assembling the dish.

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msmia July 04, 2003
Tofu-Veggie Lasagna