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AMAZING. So happy I found this recipe! I made a half batch, added cabbage and a small shallot, but made the entire amt of marinade. I subbed out stevia for the sugar. Will serve this in pitas for lunch in an hour or so and can't wait! Delish! UPDATE: On day 2 I added some water chestnuts which were awesome in here - totally soaked up the marinade and did it quickly. Very flavorful on day 2, but not as pretty because the brown coloring took over.

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JanuaryBride September 07, 2012

This recipe is seriously amazing. Dedicated carnivore here and it has made it into our weekly repetoire since we tried it a couple months ago. It's especially good to have a filling, no stove dish now that its summer. I've made it at home, made it at parties, it is now a fave. One tip for tofu prep is to freeze it before using it and then press it for several hours before using to get as much water as possible out. Enjoy!

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amandaj333 June 20, 2010

Love it! I picked up some organic tofu at the market yesterday specially for this salad. Kept it simple, just using the optional shallots, but plan to top it with sesame seeds and cilantro before packing it off for lunch in the morning. This is so delicious, and will be a regular lunch now! Next time I plan to add the cabbage and mung bean sprouts. Thanks, magpie! Made for PAC Spring 2010 - you were adopted!

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Katzen April 11, 2010

What a wonderful dish! I thought the coriander was key - made it so flavorful. This is definitely going into my favorites.

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Memily Giraffe March 01, 2010

Great! Used shallots, sesame seeds & cilantro from the optional ingredient list. I also used a bit more mushrooms and it turned out great. We stuffed whole wheat pitas with the salad and had sliced cucumbers & apples on the side. After sitting for 24 hours in the fridge, this was also okay for leftovers. Tip: There was a lot of marinade/juice the next day... probably from the veggies releasing their water. So make sure to use a slotted spoon so that your sandwiches are not soggy!

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BerrySweet January 01, 2010

This has everything I look for in a recipe: nutrition, convenience, and LOTS of flavor! I have never used tofu without cooking it before (except for pureed silken tofu), but the marinade made it delicious! I could tell from looking at the ingredient list that I was going to love the marinade, so I doubled it. I used half rice vinegar/half apple cider vinegar and used agave nectar instead of sugar. It could probably do without the added salt, since the soy sauce is salty. I chose cabbage and mung bean sprouts for the optional salad ingredients. I loved the crunch of the cabbage and definitely recommend including it. For toppings I used peanuts, cilantro, and sesame seeds. It was the perfect thing to make ahead and take to school (although it's pretty garlicy, so it's a good thing I carry a toothbrush and toothpaste in my book bag). I enjoyed it with rice cakes. The next day I served it over a bed of rice noodles. I will definitely make this again. Reviewed for Veggie Swap, November 2009

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Prose December 07, 2009
Tofu Salad - Easy Vegan - Make Ahead (Moosewood)