Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 10 mins

From $40 A Day with Rachael Ray, this is yummy! Be sure to use a good salsa!

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  1. Heat a saute pan until good and hot, coat with oil, and saute the tofu and vegetables until al dente, about 6 to 8 minutes. Add the salsa and cook the mixture until it is hot.
  2. Serve the tofu ranchero over a corn tortilla and top it with shredded cheese. Enjoy! You may want to warm the tortilla in a hot skillet for about 10 seconds on each side, or keep tortillas warm in an oven on low heat, wrapped in a damp towel, to keep from drying out.
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Loved it! We are currently trying out new tofu recipes because we started the pH Miracle diet, and it's all so new to us. I haven't been a big tofu fan, but this recipe could change that. I didn't have green salsa but used some homemade salsa and a bit of guacamole on an Ezekiel tortilla. We can't have corn or cheese on our diet. No problem--this was yummy. Thank you Sharon123!

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Healthy & fresh ingredients, one-dish cooking and done in under 30 minutes- this deserves 4 stars! I used a jar of Trader Joe's Salsa Verde which was just under 2 cups and added in a bit of Mrs. Renfro's Jalapeno Green Salsa. This combo made for a very spicy, but good dish. The flavor all depends on the salsa you use so make sure you use one you like!

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OMG...this is so good. I sneaked it past my meat loving DH & he liked it! I used zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms and onions. I crumbled the tofu so he couldn't really i.d. it. Only had regular salsa but can't wait to try the salsa verde. Yummy meal!