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This pot pie is excellent and the vegetarians at Christmas dinner raved about it. Followed directions generally. Marinated small cubes of tofu in a lemon dijon marinade overnight. Used a combo of fresh carrots, zucchini, and button mushrooms for the veggies (but didn't cook the carrots or zucchini first). The toasted flour, yeast, and oil never bubbled but, as suggested by one reviewer, I kept going and the gravy turned out perfectly. Didn't think everything would fit in the pie pan but it did. Used an egg wash for the top crust before baking and served with cranberry sauce as suggest by another reviewer. My daughter commented the cranberry sauce was perfect with the pot pie and made it Christmas/holiday-like. My SIL had seconds.... and said this was definitely something he'd like to have again. Thanks for posting this recipe, LightLisha... it was the star of my Christmas dinner!

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Impera_Magna December 25, 2009

Fantastic! I've always been hoping to find a delicious tofu recipe and now I've finally found it! I used butternut squash for my vegetable and left out the celery. When making the golden gravy, the 1/4 cup oil is not enough to turn the flour and yeast into a liquid that will bubble. But don't worry, just keep going. Add the water mixture slowly so you don't get lumps, (but they do whisk out.) Also, the flour didn't stay stuck to the tofu during sauteing. I might have cut my cubes to small. But again, it didn't affect the appearance or delicious flavor. I'll be serving this to company and I bet they'll think I'm a master chef!

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Wish I Could Cook October 11, 2008

This was delicious! I didn't have any celery, so I used carrots, corn, and broccoli as the veggies. I used the pie crust recipe from Vegan Lunch Box. Between that crust and this filling, it was wonderful.

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potato715 September 09, 2009

This pie is EXCELLENT! I cut my tofu up in small cubes and marinaded them over night in a Chipotle/Mango dressing. I had some left over veggies in the fridge and just threw them in to the mix. I also used Quinoa flour instead of plain flour. I used just one puff pastry crust on top which I brushed with a little egg wash, so it wasn't Vegan. I served this with some whole canned cranberries. This made enough for a huge casserole. Everyone loved it. I will make this again in the future. Thanks for a wonderful and tasty dish!!!

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Chef Joey Z. June 01, 2008

This is delicious. I substituted the veggies and used what I had. Can of corn, can of peas and sliced mushrooms. It's delicious! I highly recommend this. Look at the photos I posted and see how yummy it looks.

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Solitary Dancer May 29, 2008

I substituted the nutritional yeast flakes with parmesan cheese and it turn out great.

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inthefight January 17, 2010
Tofu Pot Pie