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I liked the idea of this, but it didn't work for me. I had to use a different spice mixture (used 2 t of commercial taco seasoning) because I didn't have the ingredients on hand, but the marinade tasted great, it is just that the flavor did not permeate the tofu like I expected it to. Also, I used ww bread to make the breadcrumbs. They did not crisp in the oven as I would have liked--I think the marinade was too watery. The ingredient list calls for water, but the instructions mention soymilk--probably should have gone with the soy milk. Anyway, I thought it still tasted OK, but the kids refused to eat it. I'd suggest using the soymilk and either frying the nuggets in a little oil in a pan or spraying them with some cooking spray before baking to help them crisp.

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Greenbriar5 January 05, 2008
Tofu Nuggets 1