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fast, tasty and cheap (we buy fresh tofu for $.60/pound from a local chinese grocer). doubled the batch and used olive oil. jarred some plain, then separated the rest. for one remaining portion, tossed in two chipotle in adobo and blended well. this will work for black bean burgers and, i suspect, for banh mi. put dill, capers, lemon zest and freshly ground black pepper into the rest which will nicely complement roasted-and-pickled veggie sandwiches and work for quick potato salads. some variety for my son's lunchbox, and a healthy addition at that.

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quotidianus August 26, 2012

A perfect vegan mayo recipe. I had to substitute the cider vinegar with plain rice vinegar and added 1/2 tsp more of sugar to replace the lost sweetness because of the substitution. It was perfect: salads, sandwiches, veggies (especially artichokes and asparagus).

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MaxN June 23, 2010

Wow, I am impressed. Not only did this taste surprisingly similar to regular mayo, it actually tasted pretty good plain. I can imagine that it would be really, really good with add-ins like chipotle peppers, roasted garlic, etc. Overall, an excellent base recipe!

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staticat09 July 15, 2013

I made potato salad with this recipe, and it was SO good! My friend now has a love affair going with the mayo because it's been so long since she has been able to have salads like that. I used soft silken tofu and just added a bit extra (because the tub had a bit over the recommended amount!) and it made it a bit thicker which was perfect. THANKS SO MUCH!

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Cas December 09, 2009

Great 'mock mayo'... I am not a fan of the real stuff and it is almost never on hand ... most often use yogurt with spice as a sub. but this definitely works better with salad-type & sammie recipes because of the moisture factor (things won't get that icky soggy way with this) ~~cool~~ nice flavor & texture...used 2 tbl. spoons of lemon juice and only 1 tbl. spoon of oil (was eyeballing texture for a particular recipe ) -no cider vinegar on hand, BUT I always have this incredible tofu :) - bought by the block (ala help yourself to what you want) at my local Health Food store where I get it for an excellent $$ so this recipe is cost efficient for me to do and I will be from now on...I am going to be trying different 'mustard type' flavorings (wasabi, chipotle, hot "Colemans" ...etc...) cool recipe to have in '"mental ~~notebook'" :) -Thanks Carole Reu

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free-free May 30, 2008

I loved the Tofu mayo recipe but subed the canola oil and put Flax oil and left out the salt My kids loved it and its very healthy.Thanks TC

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pinetree95686 February 25, 2008

Some salads must have mayonnaise, and there is no good substitute, like yogurt, etc. When making Lori's Kale Slaw--Lori's Kale Slaw--I went hunting for something useable. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but I can't have store mayo because of the ingredients, so I was making my own with egg, EVOO, salt, and lemon juice, but I'm currently pregnant, so I can't have raw egg. This is an excellent compromise for me. I did make several changes because of my dietary needs: I omitted the sugar (though I could use stevia) and vinegar, and instead used lemon juice for the vinegar. Also, since I can't have prepared mustard, I used 1/4 tsp. powdered plus 1 tsp. lemon juice. The consistency and taste is very mayo-like. Thank you, Carole!! This is a worthy mayonnaise substitute. =)

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dejan's jules November 01, 2007

Great mayo substitute--I've been looking for a dairy-free, lower-fat alternative to mayo, and this is a good one. The first batch was a little sweet for my taste, so I halved the sugar and may decrease more or eliminate it in the next batch. One thing that helps prevent the mixture from being too liquid is to press the tofu before using it. To press tofu: place 1/2 lb. (the weight before pressing) of tofu between towels and put some weight, such as a plate or dish, on top of it to help express the liquid; 15 or 20 minutes of pressing is usually sufficient. Discard excess liquid.

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FoodBooksSangria July 31, 2007

I've never reviewed anything before but I had to comment on this. I've always been afraid to try tofu thinking "yuck". This is delicious! It came out pretty thin so I'm hoping refrigerating will fix that but the taste is great. I used the silken tofu, next time I'll try a firmer one but now I'll also consider trying other tofu recipes.

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Chele519 July 19, 2007
Tofu Mayonnaise