Recipe by MimiZawsome

I love dango, so I wanted to add a simple recipe to share with other people who wanted to try it.

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  1. Mix the Kinako and 1tb sugar set aside.
  2. grind the black sesame put into bowl and add 1 tb sugar and mix set aside.
  3. In bowl mix rice flour and tofu and mix by hand if the dough is sticky add a little water knead until the dough is smooth. break into thirds and then the thirds into thirds and those thirds into thirds, shape each piece into a ball.
  4. Gently place in a large pot of boiling water wait 1or 2 minute until the dumplings start to float and place into icy water.
  5. skewer them 3 dumplings each stick.
  6. and coat with black sesame and kinako.
  7. in pot mix sugar, soy sauce, and mirin (remember don't burn it) let it cool then coat.
  8. Tadaa!

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