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This was awesome!!! I could eat this a couple of times a week. It wasn't dry. I added some frozen diced bell pepper and onion. The salsa wasn't even necessary until I put it in a burrito. Wow!! You've gotta try this. It's now my favorite way to eat tofu.

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Aquamaryne June 29, 2012

Let me first off start this review by saying I hate tofu. I've tried it several times in attempt to try something new. It always tastes disgusting. This recipe sounded different from every other tofu recipe I've tired, so I went for it. Overall, the recipe was good! Even my parents who hate tofu with a passion enjoyed these burritos. I didn't tell them what was in it until after they started eating and commented on how...different it looked inside. I also had to do some tweaking to the recipe. 1/2 cup of salsa was not enough. I ended up putting in another 1/2 cup but it still wasn't enough. Because of the lack of liquid in the dish, the burritos came out a little on the dry side. Of course, I should note that I drained the tofu. Next time I won't press/drain the tofu, just rinse and see if that makes a difference. I ended up using more than 1/2 cup of shredded pepper jack cheese because I put some on top of the burritos. It added a nice little kick. I left the lettuce and tomatoes out of the mix. I might try adding them next time. Thank you for the great recipe. I will surely be trying this again!

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kimberly.asbjornsen December 15, 2008
Tofu Burritos!