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I doubled this & the 3 of us devoured it! I baked the tofu squares a bit so they wouldn't turn to mush in the sauce but i overdid it a bit. i really don't like soft tofu but i got it a bit too crunchy. i served this over white rice. i did add an extra can of coconut milk to have lots of sauce & am glad i did. this is delicious & spiced just right! Thank you, Rita! Made for veggie tag 6/11.

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Elmotoo June 29, 2011

Doubled the onions, omitted the cilantro, used organic soy milk with a tablespoon of unsweetened coconut shreds and decided to mash 1/4 lb of the tofu into the sauce. This tastes even better on Day 3 as the flavours have time to mellow out and really get into the tofu. The only change I'd *highly* suggest is putting the cardamom and cloves into a small tied-off cheesecloth. Otherwise, you'll be playing a scavenger hunt game every time you eat.

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veganvice March 03, 2013

I took Elmotoo's suggestion and crisped the tofu first. The tofu was cubed, tossed
with Spectrum's Asian cooking oil, 1 teaspoon of pureed lemongrass and broiled for about 15 minutes or until crispy. Used an entire can of coconut milk (14 ounces). For color, a little bit of finely minced carrot was garnished on top of our rice bowls along with fresh cilantro. Both salt and cilantro are missing from the ingredient's list. Served the mixture over jasmine rice. It does help to have those ingredients listed in order, too. We liked the flavor and this was easy to make! Reviewed for Veg Tag/November.

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COOKGIRl November 11, 2012

A nice way to serve tofu for a different taste. However I was out of ginger and I wasn't sure how much chili so I didn't use either. Thanks Ria for sharing this quick and easy way tofu recipe.

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ellie_ November 02, 2003
Tofu and Green Peas